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Sanitation is one of the most important considerations you will need to make for your pool or hot tub. There are other common practices you will need to perform in order to keep your pool or hot tub clear and usable, but sanitation is arguably the most important of them. Without proper and routine sanitation, your pool or hot tub would quickly become unsafe to use.

While there are other procedures you can take as a preliminary step to routine sanitation and as supporting measures, as far as sanitation goes there are two main, broad categories of products on the market for pool and hot tub sanitation: chlorine and bromine.

Chlorine is favorite among many pool and hot tub owners because of its wide availability, low cost and viability. Chlorine works by oxidizing contaminants. As it is highly reactive, it kills bacteria and other contaminants by destroying them internally. You can tell when chlorine is doing its job – as chlorine reacts with contaminants, it creates chemical byproducts. Among these are chloramines, which are best known for giving pools the signature ‘chlorine’ smell for which they are known.

Although chlorine is effective, it is not particularly stable and will require you to periodically recharge your sanitation system in order to keep chlorine levels appropriate. Chlorine is often found in granular and tablet form, and each should be applied according to the proper measures. Granules can be measured and applied directly to the pool or hot tub, after which you must test the water to ensure the proper amount of chlorine. Although granules can be easily and effectively applied directly to the water, they must be reapplied fairly frequently because of how quickly the chlorine will react and break down in the water.

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An alternative to chlorine granules are Hot Tub Chlorine Tablets, which have the benefit of requiring less frequent routine attention and will potentially offer a longer period of protection against contaminants. You’ll need to add the proper amount of chlorine tablets into a feeder which will allow the chlorine to dissolve into and circulate throughout the pool. You’ll need to test the water periodically to ensure that chlorine sanitizer levels are adequate, but a feeder can make it easier on you to keep your pool or hot tub sanitized.

An alternative to chlorine is bromine, which destroys contaminants through ionization. Bromine remains in the water longer than chlorine and in addition is more stable in hot water than chlorine, which means that it will continue to sanitize for longer, especially in hot tub water. In addition, the by-products of bromine are less offensive to some than chlorine which endears it further. Contrarily, bromine is less stable under UV radiation than chlorine, which means if you use it in a pool or elsewhere that it will be exposed to sunlight, you might want to routinely keep the pool or hot tub covered. In addition, bromine is more expensive than chlorine, but each offers its own advantages.

Whether you’ve decided that you want to go with hot tub chlorine tablets, granular chlorine or bromine sanitizer for your unique situation, you can find them all at HotTub.Club. They’re the authority on pool and hot tub supplies, and would be happy to help you out. Visit their website today to find the supplies you need.

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