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The M60 represents a family of American general-purpose machine guns. Introduced in 1957, the M60 has served with every branch of the US military. Its manufacture continues into the present for military and commercial purchase, though it had been supplemented in most military roles by the M240 machine gun.

A belt-fed machine gun, the M60 is generally used as a crew-served weapon operated by a team of two to three individuals, which consists of a gunner, assistant gunner, and an ammunition bearer. The weight of the gun, as well as the amount of ammunition it can consume makes it difficult for any single soldier to carry and operate the weapon. Within the team, the gunner carries the weapon, and depending on his strength, some amount of ammunition. The assistant gunner carries a spare barrel, and extra ammunition. He/she also reloads the M60, and spots targets for the gunner. The ammunition bearer carries additional ammunition, as well as the tripod used to stabilize the weapon. He/she also fetches addition ammunition if it is needed in the course of firing. While it is generally fired from bipod or tripod mounts, the M60 can be accurately fired at short ranges from the shoulder, which was a requirement initially placed by the US military for the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR). Adopted by various military agencies around the world, the M60 has been updated and modernized throughout the past six decades to meet the requirements of the contemporary military.

A gas-operated, air-cooled, automatic machine gun, the M60 has a cyclic fire rate of around five hundred to six hundred and fifty rounds per minute. The design of the M60 drew on a number of ubiquitous concepts in firearms design during the post-war period, including sheet metal construction, belt feed, quick barrel replacement, and semi bullpup construction. Bullpup construction means that the firearm is built with its action and magazine behind the trigger, creating a shorter weapon when compared with rifles that have the same length of gun barrel. Bullpup weapons combine the advantages of a longer-barreled weapon, such as increased muzzle velocity and accuracy, while reducing the overall size and weight of the weapon. The major innovation of the M60 occurred within its gas system. Its system was simpler than other automatic gas systems, and was thus easier to clean. This was managed by using the White “gas expansion and cutoff” principle that kept the gas from the spent cartridge from entering into the weapon’s chamber.

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The M60 was designed for mass production, and ease of use. It can be fired from the shoulder, hip, or underarm. To achieve maximum effective range, however, a bipod-steadied or tripod-steadied position should be used, with rounds fired in bursts of three to five. When firing without support, the weapon is heavy and difficult to aim, though the large grip allows the weapon to be carried easily at the hip. The M60 is considered effective at ranges up to 1,100 meters on a tripod, 800 meters on a bipod, 600 meters when firing at a still target, and 200 meters when firing at a moving target.

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