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How to Get Your Sales Team on Board with Time & Location Tracking?

Every business development depends on the percentage of sales your field team makes. Unlike other department employees, company sales teams get a lot of leverage at work as they are mostly out of the commercial premises. It is difficult for the management to track or verify their field efficiency, how much time they are spending with their assigned clients, how punctual and satisfactory are they with their sales project and the time they spent on their targeted location. 

In modern days, technically advanced sales employee tracking apps are developed to help you track and locate your sales team’s field movement while sitting inside the comfort of your office premises.

Let us check out how these employee tracking system can benefit your business productivity and improve service efficiency and delivery drastically.

Sales Employee Tracking App
  • Instant Notification Features:

These types of employee tracking apps are built with many features that enable you to keep track of your field team location in real-time. With instant alert notification, these apps monitor the time your employee reaches their assigned area of work, spends on the client premises and the percentage of sales they make in a day. 

Furthermore, sales employee tracking apps utilize geofencing features to encircle the address of your commercial property and eventually monitor your staff when they enter or exit your office premises. This helps to keep a record of your employee’s attendance even when they are outside your office area. 

  • Real-Time Location Tracking:

Staff tracking apps help to monitor the location and time your employee is working. This helps you to strategize your next business move, schedule the next client meet that is nearest to their location and ensure your idle team is efficiently used by implementing better sales targets. 

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Moreover, the tracking apps keep a record of the time your staff spent on each customer. This enables you to calculate the precise travelling expenses and analyse the sales team efficiency. If your staff is spending too much time on prospects who in due course don’t turn into customers, it is not a profitable deal for your business development and you can analyse reports to eliminate these work inefficiencies. 

  • Airport Arrival and Departure Alerts:

Another major stress comes when your team has to travel overseas to quote a deal. It is really difficult to track your team’s whereabouts when your staff is out of reach. With sales staff tracking apps installed in your team’s mobile handset you will receive a notification the moment your team reaches or departs from an international airport. In this way, you can monitor their punctuality and understand your employee’s dedication and seriousness in their work. 

  • Improving Client Relation: 

Another salient feature of these sales employee tracking apps is that your team can send instant notes and messages from the client location. This is an amazing way to handle compliance or discrepancies without being present in the location. 

The sales employee tracking apps are enabled to send summarized reports of their sales versus time spent with a client report that helps to decide the worth of your particular team member and eventually enhance and develop better client relations.