Going for 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Nepal: What You Need to Know

Most people who do aspire to become yoga instructors or yoga teacher trainers have one thing in common. This is the wish to do at least one of their yoga teacher training courses from a traditional yoga school. This pertains to usually India or Nepal. In fact, the schools providing yoga class in Nepal are now giving stiff competition to the yoga schools in India. So, even if you missed doing your 200-hour YTTC in Nepal, you still have the chance for a 300-hour yoga teacher training Nepal. But it is important to be prepared before taking any step. That is why you should go through this guide that compiles all you need to know in one place.

Why Nepal?

Nepal is quite popular for doing your yoga teacher training course from because of the same reasons as India. A large number of people every year go for  300-hour yoga teacher training Nepal. Yoga is intimately tangled with the history of Nepal. The monks of Nepal have been practitioners of yoga since time immemorial. Therefore, you will get some of the best yoga schools and YTTCs in Nepal. The cherry on the top is that exorbitant prices do not accompany the international grade of the courses. You will find some of the most affordable 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal. 

Enrolling for the Right Course

When you search on the Internet, you will find countless options for 300-hour yoga teacher training Nepal. But not all of them will be right for you despite featuring on top of the lists. Besides seeing to it that the course fulfils your requirements for the curriculum, faculty, teaching style, student-teacher ratio and such other details, you must also ensure that the course guarantees success. You can obtain this from reviews of alumni, ranking among other schools, blogs of past students and even references. 

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Going to Nepal

Depending upon where you are coming from, you can choose to enter Nepal via air or railway. If you are entering the country via India, you can take the Jainagar–Janakpur train route. It is the only rail route as of now to enter Nepal from another country. If you are planning to land directly in Nepal, you will have to take a flight. You will land at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. It is the only international airport in Nepal. 

Official Documents and Currency

Nepal follows a liberal visa policy. People of most countries arriving for their 300-hour yoga teacher training Nepal will be able to obtain their tourist visa on arrival. This will be valid for 150 days in the calendar year, which is ample time to complete your yoga teacher training Nepal. The person just needs to make sure that their passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months from the day they arrive. The currency of Nepal is Nepalese Rupees (NPR). Do not forget to exchange your currency with it to be able to avail services and products in the country.

Preparing for the Cold

The climate of Nepal is cold. It lies in the foothills of the Himalayas. So, snow and sub-zero temperature are common. Make sure you bring sufficient warm clothes for your 300-hour yoga teacher training Nepal. Otherwise, the cold might spoil your experience.

How to Commute

Commutation is possible by road, rail or air. Nepal has a well-connected network of roads. It is the best and most convenient way to travel around the country. The railway network is not so appreciable in Nepal, primarily due to the hilly terrain. There is only one passenger route in Nepal, which is the Jainagar-Janakpur one. But veritable plans are in line to greatly improve the railway network of Nepal. Nepal has 47 fully functional commercial airports, but only Tribhuvan in Kathmandu is international. But there is good news for those looking for yoga teacher training Pokhara, Nepal. The Pokhara airport will soon get an upgradation to international status.

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Food and Accommodations

The best yoga schools in Nepal will provide full accommodations and food provisions within the course package. Nepali cuisine is light and perfect for those coming for yoga teacher training. But, do not expect the living quarters and the food to be grand – yoga teaches austerity. So if you are not satisfied with the facilities, you can always set up in a hotel or inn.

Studying and Practising

If you are coming for 300-hour yoga teacher training Nepal, it means you are very serious about teaching yoga. That is what the trainers will consider at least. So, they will expect you to be very serious about your studies. You will have to attend every class, practise a lot and study all the recommended material. Prepare yourself for not a moment of slack. Trainers will expect you to fill every moment with meaningful work. After all, you are going to teach others yoga. So you must first learn everything that you need to without any shortcuts or cheats.

Looking Around in Nepal

Now don’t be scared. Just because you must be a hundred per cent hardworking, studious and dedicated doesn’t mean you won’t get any breaks. You will get ample free time during the day. You can spend this time looking around the popular tourist spots. Most notable of these are Kathmandu Valley, Lumbini, the Sagarmatha and Chitwan National Parks, the Annapurna region, the many stupas and so on. If you go for yoga teacher training Pokhara, you are in luck. Pokhara itself is a top holiday spot. The scenic locations make sightseeing the most popular activity, followed by trekking.

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Choosing the Best Yoga School in Nepal

Be very careful when you are looking for the best yoga school in Nepal. What suits one person’s needs for 300-hour yoga teacher training Nepal may not suit you. Use your discretion here and trust your guts. If you are looking to do your YTTC in Pokhara, you can give a look at Pokhara Yoga School. It is arguably one of the best and most well-known yoga schools in the country.