Blue Colour bedroom look

Good Sleep, and how different colors around you affect it!

We all have witnessed how our mood affects our sleep and how it is difficult to sleep when we are too stressed, angry, depressed or anxious. And just on the contrary, we sleep like a child when we are happy, content and feeling comfortable.

There is one thing that has a direct relation with our mood and contributes extraordinarily in building it up and that is the color of our bedroom. We have all heard about the ‘color therapy’ and how colors influence our emotions and our well-being.

For the same reason, choosing the right color for our bedroom walls can decide how we sleep through the night and wake up the next morning.

Here are a few good and bad choices of colors and how they influence the sleep quality.

Colors—good for sleep

Blue is believed to be the most suitable color for a bedroom since it is known to bring calm and is contributing to sleep. The color has a positive health effect since it brings down the blood pressure and heart rate.

Now, if you are not a big fan of Blue here, we can understand!

Some of the other colors that are believed to be conducive to sleep are yellow, green, silver and orange. The colors are relaxing, warm and comforting and leave a sense of positivity amongst individuals when they wake up in the morning. According to a Travelodge Survey, each of the above mentioned colors promise an average of 7 hours and 30 minutes of sleep to those who use them in their bedrooms.

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Colors—not so good for sleep

While the above mentioned colors are known to contribute to a good night’s sleep, there are others that perform average. But following are some colors that are known to be the worst choice when it comes to painting one’s bedroom. Purple, Gray, Brown and Red are the unhealthiest colors when it comes to sleeping well. While purple is a mentally stimulating color, gray is depressing and uninspiring, brown is gloomy and brings in restlessness. Red is a wild and a passionate color that will raise your heart rate and blood pressure thus, making it impossible to sleep calmly.