Is It True That Google Drive Shared Folders Take Up Space – Lets Find Out!

Google Drive is cloud storage service famous among the users. They store all their important file like documents, PPTs, Excel Sheets, etc., in it so that it becomes easy to access them anywhere. It is so much convenient for the users to keep all crucial data in it. However, Google Drive has in total 15 GB storage that is too shared with Gmail and Google Photos also. So, if a user maintain all its data in Google Drive only, there will be no room for new data.

In addition, Google Drive also let users share data stored with others. Thus, if someone has shared any document with you, then it get saved in Shared With Me folder. However, most of the users out there when runs out of storage space, thinks Google Drive shared folders take up space. But, it is not true in actual, Shared With Me folder takes space only in Owners Google Drive. So, Shared folder has nothing to do with your storage space. Therefore, we have covered all about Google Drive Storage and how to increase storage in this post.

What Items Take Up Space in Google Drive?

As it is clear Google Drive shared folders does not take up space so, it is important to know what items take space. As discussed above the storage space is shared between Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. Now, if a user wants to manage Google Drive space, which data items actually take space is important to know. It is because when your Google Drive storage space reaches its maximum limit, you will be unable store any new data.

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Data Take Up Space in Google Drive

Each and every file that you store in My Drive takes proper space in the Google Drive. It does not matter whether it is PDF, DOC, image, video, etc., occupy space. In addition to this, data items stored in Trash Folder of your Google Drive also take up space.

Data Items Do Not Take Up Space

There are some data items like Shared Folders takes up space in Google Drive. But, in actual they do not take up any space in your drive. Google Docs, Forms, Google Slides, Sheets, and data stored in your Shared With Me folder. All these items take space in the owners G Drive or on your computer but not in your Google Drive.

How To Check Available Storage Space of Google Drive?

Now, if you want to know used or available storage space, just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, login to your Google Drive account
  • After that, you can move to left pane of the window
  • Here, you can see Storage space option in the left bottom

Note: It displays used space out of total space.

How to Free Up or Increase Google Drive Storage Space?

The main problem faced by every Google Drive users is how to free up Google Drive space. So, there are several possible ways of doing the same are available. If you are looking for some free solutions, then here they are:

  • Delete Unnecessary Data

If you do not require some of the data stored in the drive, simply delete it and free up storage space. Or, you can delete data from trash folder if not required as they also take lots of storage in your Google Drive.

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Via Share Option: There is an inbuilt Share option in Google Drive that can help you out in the same.

Via Download & Upload: You can also download data from source Google Drive and upload it to the destination drive

A Smartest and Simplest Way to Migrate Google Drive Data

There are many users who do not find manual solution feasible to move Google Drive data as they are not suitable in every situation. Therefore, to make this more easy for the users, Google Drive Migrator tool is suggested here. A user can try it and move all data from one account to another in no time. It let users migrate all data at once and can customize selective migration also as per your choice. In addition, the software is capable to transfer all data items from Google Drive. If a user wants then, he or she can migrate permissions also between the drives.


There are many users out there have a doubt that Google Drive shared folders take up space. But, it is not true, go through the blog and get to know about the same. In addition, this blog also covers multiple ways of freeing up storage space on Google Drive.

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