Great costume ideas for Glow In The Dark Contact lenses

Halloween is on the horizon and you must be looking for some real inspiration for this year’s 31st October. Now a lot of people are now purchasing glow-in-the-dark coloured contacts Halloween, of course, they give out a unique look and provide you the chance to stand out in your Halloween party.

But the problem is that many people are confused as to what costume would suit the glow-in-the-dark contact lenses.  Wrong choice of costume will never match with your coloured contact lenses which glow in the dark and you would feel like you wasted your money.

But, you do not need to worry we have the right costume ideas for your glow in the dark contact lenses.

Costume Ideas for Glow in the Dark Contacts

Glow in the dark contact lenses are great and finding costume ideas for these costumes is more fun. But, you have to determine that your Halloween party this year is in places where there is backlight effect, disco clubs or haunted houses will be effective. These places will pop up your glow in the dark lenses and make you look top among the rest. We can’t put enough emphasis to be sure the event will have black light. If you put on the lenses in usual light conditions, or in the dark without a black light, they will have a muted hue to them.

1. UV Painted Skull with Glowing Eyes

A skull painted with bright colour can create some really eye catching illusions. You need to get the right colour combination, some colour combination work great with glowing lenses while other will diminish the effects of glowing lenses. Use color combinations that really put the spotlight on your prominent features… your jawline, eyes and eyebrow ridge and cheekbones and your chin. Colours which add depth to your cheekbones will do the trick and dark black around the eyes will provide the perfect finishing touch. This with white, yellow or bright red glow in the dark contact lenses will really illuminate your presence in any party!

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2. 3D Painted Clown

This is a fun costume especially if you are gearing up for Halloween. Clown costumes provide endless possibilities, you have different colour combinations to choose from and different character to create every time. Many clown costume for Halloween have sections which are designed for backlight and glow in the dark. If you really want to go and be crazy this Halloween then get your face painted in 3D and add the final finishing touches with glowing contact lenses. When it comes to clowns you know you can scare the life out of some so why not paint yourself with simple colours so that you are not visible in the dark and only when you open your eyes that you really shock those standing near you.

3. Crazy Painted-Hair Raver

This look can be a little more crazy, exciting, and free. You should try painting your dreadlocks, if you are into them, with bright backlight paint, believe me you will look literally crazy good. Shapes, lines, sprays, streaks and whatever method you use overall to fashion your club look, will be heightened when you add the glowing contact lenses to the outfit. Make sure you do what pleases you most, after all its Halloween, choose the colour combination you think you will rock and surprise everyone. It’s all about having a good time and being different gets all the attention.

4. Futuristic Steampunk

Spiky hair, goggles, and the Bane mask, you are really rocking this. Steampunk costume idea is the one which roundsup our glow in the dark coloured contacts Halloween costume ideas. Make your steampunk look even better by adding futuristic glow in the dark backlight colours and contact lenses. If you already have acquired the glowing items for your costume, adding some bright red or blue glow in the dark contacts will definitely peak your look. Or if you want to look a little radioactive then green glow in the dark have the right nuclear feel! In the end it is all up to you to choose. Make sure whatever colour combination you choose matches with the outfit and your contact lenses. And remember to have lots of fun in order to stand out this Halloween

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Important mention

Make sure the contact lenses you want you buy from a reputable and trustworthy retailer. Get your eyes examined from a doctor to determine whether these types of contact lenses will fit your eye. The doctor will give you a prescription on the basis of your eye exam and a certified dealer will always ask you to show the prescription before he/she sells you those contact lenses.

Refrain from buying any contacts from anyone who does not ask for your prescription. Your eyes are more important than having the best costume this Halloween.

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