Great Video Games Character Ideas for Your Costume Party

If you are hosting or attending video game characters themed party or just Halloween party, you might have been overwhelmed by the options available and due to that reason, you must still be confused as to what costume will be best for you. Well, if you are into like video games and looking to don the costume of your favourite video game character, then we have some great solutions for you! With the popularity of video games increasing everyday and new characters showing up day after another, you should have no problem finding the next character for your next costume party.

For you we have listed some of the most eye catching video game character costume ideas with the right cosmetic lenses to match with that costume.

If you have a favourite video game or a certain video game character, then why not check out our ideas for the new and also iconic video games character costumes and coloured cosmetic lenses?

1. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

This action thriller fiction genre video game was first released in 1996 and features a fictional but fan favourite character – Lara Croft. This is one of the best video game character dress up ideas for the ladies, showcasing Lara Croft as an athletic, intelligent and attractive archaeologist who was apt at fighting or talking her way out of sticky situations.

With a strong fan following, Lara Croft the Tomb Raider became an instant success and quickly became one of the few video game characters to star on the big screen. To mimic this character and re-create one of the most popular video game costumes ever, you need a pair of short shorts and a singlet in dark grey or black colour, make sure to wear black knee high boots and some fake guns to complete the outfit. Oh and use dark black contact cosmetic lens to really look like Lara Croft

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2. Mario Bros.

Launched in the 1980s, Mario first came as ‘Jumpman’ in the Donkey Kong video game, but later was renamed to what we famously know as ‘Mario’. He is a short height, Italian plumber who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom with a pet ape called Donkey Kong and is usually busy saving Princess Peach from the antagonist Bowser.

Oh and he has a look alike young brother with just a colour change in the dress, so if you have a friend or a brother, both of you could create these video game character costumes: where one of you dons the Mario costume and the other as Luigi. Mario Brothers may be an old video game but is still regarded as one of the all time classic and it will surely look great on you.!

3. The Legend of Zelda

Launched in the 1980s Legend of Zelda, an action adventure video game, became a fan favourite in the 90s. It is truly an iconic video game where Princess Zelda and Link from the Kingom of Hyrule taking you to a great adventure. It is not just the adventure when it comes to legend of Zelda but the possibilities of video game character costume ideas are also great.

Zelda’s role is ever changing from one part to another part of this iconic video game, sometimes you will find her a damsel in distress, sometimes the princess with magical powers and sometimes as a princess heroine. Even her identity keeps on changing from one game to another. Being a princess Zelda is often seen wearing  animated royal dresses and jewels, so if you are looking to follow in the footsteps of your favourite royal princess then simply team a white and lilac dress with a tiara and a sword.

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4. Chun-Li – Street Fighter

When it comes to iconic games then you cannot forget about street fighter, boy did we spent our time playing that game. When it comes to character costumes then Chun Li is an interesting choice! With her hard-as-rock Legs, Chun-Li became the first female character to feature in a fighting video game, now there is an inspiration and an awesome claim to fame. She unsurprisingly gain fame in the 90s as a Chinese female martial arts expert and gained a huge fan following. If you want to don the famous Chun Li costume then what you need is a pair of blue shorts with a matching blue and yellow t-shirt, pantyhose and knee-high white boots and blue eye contacts.

5. Kratos – God of War

This iconic video game first came in 2005 and its last release was back in 2018. This game quickly gained fame and acclaim among video game lovers due to it Greek-Mythology themed storyline and extreme gore and violence. Kratos is the main protagonist in this game staking on different Gods to take back what he desires.

If you are into ancient Greek Mythology then Kratos will seem you as a worthy game character for costume ideas. All you need is a fake beard and red paint on your body and face, a spartan warrior dress, fake blades and red coloured eye contacts.

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