Hair Smoothening Treatment, Cost, Benefits & Side Effect

Hair smoothening is the type of hair styling technique by which we will get the smooth and silky hair, the process involves for straightening and flattering of curly hair and other normal hair to make it smooth and straight, first it was used in the 1890s and became famous in 1950’ it is also known as hair re-bonding, every woman want to organize her hair in a very beautiful way especially girls because they are fashion savvy, college-going, young and energetic and open to fashionable culture, so whether it is clothes, shoes, apparel or Hair, so the basic principle which rules that every girl or women deserve to be beautiful and hair is not the exception from this, so here the simple logic for you, if you meet 100 women, around 25%, will prefer short hair and rest 70 to 75% would prefer to go with long and straight hair the majority is for long hair

The Current fashion scenario has a huge effect on our society and everyone looking for a makeover and transforming her/his look, girls are fashion conscious and long hair is trending nowadays in all cities whether it is Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore so we now we know what is hair smoothening, let’s talk about the pricing and if there are any side effects for the same

Hair Smoothening Pricing

Permanent Hair Smoothening is a chemical treatment, so once you have decided to go with hair smoothening it will give the impression of having long hair, you get the feel of having long hairs as the smoothening cream with chemical composition straighten curl and elongate hair

Initially, it feels great because if you are having frizzy, hard, brittle, curly, and wavy hair and you will have a transforming look of smooth and silky hair as it gives more manageable looks and length as well which will allow you to open your hair.

The Hair smoothening price in Delhi & other metro cities depends upon the length of your hair and the brand treatment you are going to have it can cost you anything around INR 5000 to 8000, it depends upon the length, the starting price is as per length, shoulder-length will cost you around rs.5000, the hair length 3-4 inches will cost you 6000 to 6500 and if you have waist-length hair it will be around rs.8000, post-treatment you have to use shampoo and conditioner (shampoo + conditioner + cream + serum) as per your hair texture and it will cost you around rs.1500-2500 that will add to your total cost.

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The treatment cost depends upon the hair salon as well, the premium salon chain like Lakhme and Geetanjali can charge you a bit extra cost than the actual cost, it can be up to rs.12000 if you are brand conscious and ready to pay more than you can choose the premium salon chain or else you can opt for a medium-range salon that will cost you In the budget, salon-like Mansoon, Be U and Rebonding Studio all are good salon chain in Delhi NCR all are the good service provider for hair and beauty and will provide the best services

Side Effects

Once you are done with hair smoothening, you will be very excited for the first time and If it is done properly there will no or minimal side effects, the reason being you have to be very cautious once you decided to go for smoothening treatment, choose the best hair salon and the professional hairdresser to do the job, the treatment will last long for about 6 to 8 months, and keratin treatment usually for about 3 to 4 months but still the period depends and can vary person to person because a really good care is required post smoothening treatment, the tips here below for hair care post smoothening treatment and side effects you may encounter

  • The immediate precautions you are not supposed to wash for 3 days, not to tie the hair and put any tight rubber band to manage your hair well it will create a kink in the hair and create a bend in the straight hair so in simply hair a small hairband is good enough to spoil your hair smoothening, if you have a habit to put your hair behind the ears to manage please avoid it as soon as possible and while sleeping also hair should be straight and in dangling position pointing towards ground try not to mess up hair in sleep, while traveling cover your hair with a scarf, protection from dust, pollution and sun-light is must if roaming out use umbrella or a stylish hat and try not to expose your hair in the summer hot weather
  • If you feel that your hair become dry and damaged after treatment than please go for deep conditioning, use a sulfate-free mild shampoo, conditioner and mast always to wash your hair, it will retain the moisture and hair looks healthier, while washing use tab or lukewarm water don’t use hot water because it will strip the moisture from your hair 
  • You might experience that hair get tangle, always use hair serum after shampoo and conditioner and handle it with care with a wide-toothed comb
  • Because of Chemical treatments some hair nutrients has lost to regain the strength get a Hair Spa done regularly, it will nourish and vitamin to their hair 
  • After smoothening treatment the straight hair likely to get the split ends, so just keep a check on it and if you notice the same go for a trim cut once in two months to get rid of it 
  • If you face hair breakage than you need to check your diet as well, take balance diet full of vitamin a & C, add Sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, and leafy vegetables, peppers (chilies) and citrus (citrus) fruits that are very high in vitamin C, Eat Omega3 fatty acids found in salmon, sardines, mackerel. If you prefer to eat foods rich in omega 3, you can also take flax seeds or fish oil base supplements, proteins and biotin are also good for healthy hair and require maintaining the growth so same need to be added in your diet plan for sure 
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Hair smoothening is what trending nowadays and like a HOT Fashion that every girl want to wear first, every treatment has its merits and demerits, as far as the benefits is concern we have the list ready for you

  • The hair becomes more manageable and no need for combing to get into the shape that usually takes most of overtime when we are rushing for office in morning hours
  • Curly hair will transform to a new look, you will get straight, silk & shine hair
  • You will get a new look, a kind of makeover for hair that reflects in your personality at the end of the day
  • The hairstyle you can carry everywhere more confidently whether you are in office, Occasion, holiday or at Home
  • Once you are done with permanent hair smoothening, no need to opt for temporary hair styling products, like ironing and blow-dry which leads to cause more damage if you do it regularly
  • You chose not to opt for straightening sprays, cream regularly, that makes the hair drier and damage because now you have already straight and smooth hairs
  • You can opt for hair-streaks/highlights or Global Color maybe after a month that will add to a gorgeous look in smooth hair and you are ready to create your style statement for the year 2020


To conclude that we have discussed that best possible pricing for hair smoothening treatment in the metro cities like Delhi NCR and the possible side effects and cure after hair smoothening treatments which we have to follow post hair smoothening treatment, so keep a check on the tips given above on pricing and side effects on hair smoothening and get ready to move with the flawless style icon

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