Handy Examines Food That Best Match Your Champagne Wine Choice


According to Handy, many people treat champagne as a luxury item and limit the consumption of their favorite bubbly as a pre-food cocktail or at the end of the meal. However, the coveted acidity of champagne along with the bubbles pair well with a lot of food and offer an added layer of taste. Here are a few good food pairings with different types of champagne:

The Matches

1. Classic

Brut champagnes are the most common in American households and can be paired with almost any food on this list and taste well. Citrus food such as candied oranges and ginger match these very well. Fried chicken and champagne are a combination of good class and comfort.

Red meat pairs extremely well with red wine. However, steak tastes well with champagne as well. Try fried potatoes to experience crunchy, starchy, and salty satisfaction. Lastly, boost the feeling of luxury and taste with white truffle. The acidity of champagne fits extremely well with the pungent taste of fresh white truffle. 

2. Blanc de Blancs

Blanc de Blancs is made exclusively with white (chardonnay) grapes. The dryness and fresh acidity of blanc de blancs champagne plays extremely well with oysters. When eating food such as macaroni and cheese, these work well as a palate cleanser.

You can also try them with creamy soup or light fish. However, most people would be caviar to be the perfect match.

3. Rosé

The depth and lush berry flavors of Rosé is a delight to experience when consuming duck dishes. Pizza lovers would also find the combination a real treat. Try crab cakes to relish the blend of acidity, the sweetness of red berries, and the natural flavors of the sea.

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Fish and cured meats such as smoky, salty, and spicy hams or salamis are some of the underrated pairings. And, if you love spicy food such as stewed or rich grilled meats, the acidity of rosé can add a refreshing layer to the taste. Fragrant rosé tastes delightful with meaty fish preparations such as herb-rubbed swordfish or roasted monkfish.

4. Dry

Dry champagne pairs well with savory food as they contain less added sugar (dosage) than brut champagne. The crisp dryness of a zero dosage option blends extremely well with the earthy, savory flavors of the French classic, rotisserie chicken (roasted chicken). You can also try lobster dishes with it to experience a refreshing punch.

5. Sweet

The demi-sec is the most common dessert champagne on the US market and compliments the taste of cheeses and desserts just as good as any dessert wine. Buttered popcorn is a favorite of many sweet champagne lovers. However, the best pairing is perhaps the classic charred octopus that highlights the subtle savoriness.

6. Sparkling Red

The richness and earthiness of sparkling red champagnes blend well with spicy chicken dishes. And, if you love Japanese food, you would be delighted to learn that the crisp and fruity Italian sparkling red matches very well with the salty and rich umami of ramen. Other good matches include fatty and oily fish such as sardines and meats.


Handy suggests you try drinking your favorite champagne with any of the recommended food pairings on this list to experience a world of delight.

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