Hazard Alert: 5 Warning Signs That Indicate an Electrician is Needed

If you live in Newtown, Sydney, you have a great address. It is known for its bohemian vibe that is bustling with activities day and night. After all, this area serves as a stomping ground for University of Sydney Students. It is a lively place with amazing restos, bars, bookshops and thrift stores. The restored Victorian buildings with their grand facades give the place a nice touch.

If you happen to live in Newtown, one of the basic necessities you rely on every single day is electricity. Whether you’re leasing, or you are a homeowner, or a business owner, you need to get a routine inspection to prevent untoward accidents. Faulty wiring and short circuits can take your life and property. Stay vigilant and keep an eye out for warning signs. Knowing what to keep an eye on can mitigate fires and deadly electric shocks. Check out these red flags below an electrician in Newtown to prevent any further damage:

Stay Alert When Light Flickers

A flickering light bulb could mean you just need a simple change because it has consumed its lifespan. However, if you’ve changed to a new bulb yet the light flickers on, this is a major red flag. It indicates you have old and frayed wiring, which causes flickering. You can’t take this lightly as the simple flicker can transform into a raging inferno. When you see this in your place, call your electrician for an evaluation. You may need to get the wires replaced.

Be Vigilant about Frays and Corrosion

It is normal for visible wires to become frayed and damaged over time due to exposure to environmental factors and normal wear and tear. It can rust, bend, or tear. Unfortunately, rodents and pests can also gnaw on them. If your visible wires are looking worse for wear, just imagine what happens underneath your walls. Should you feel anything is off, call an electrician to help you make an assessment.

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Keep An Eye Out for the Tripping Circuit Breaker

Every property has its own circuit breaker because it prevents fires and damage to home appliances. Typically, circuit breakers trip to deflect an overload coming from your power source. If your circuit breaker continues tripping, try and see if you’ve plugged in a new appliance. It could be the culprit with the electric current running too high. However, if you find the source, that specific outlet and circuit could be problematic. Consult with a reputable electrician in Newtown right away to avoid exacerbation.

Watch for Overheating

If your outlets and switches feel warm to touch, then there could be something wrong. This should happen when you use your lights or any appliances. If these elements feel hot, you must be vigilant because they can emit sparks and cause electrical shocks. If you observe this in your property, call an electrician for immediate inspection and intervention.

Check Any Discolouration

Finally, watch out for any discolouration in your wall outlets or switches. The change of colour exhibits that there is too much heat being emitted. As such, call a reliable electrical services firm to fix your loose connections and problematic circuit.

Replacing the outlet and switch covers is just a superficial fix. You need an electrician to see what the deeper problem is to avoid escalation. It would be a nightmare if your property catches fire, ravaging your precious belongings and hurting your loved ones.

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