Heat Pumps Could Benefit You

When you analyze your annual electric bills, you realize cooling and heating account for more than half of home energy use. And the most efficient way to reduce such high energy expenses is by opting for installing a heat pump at your premises. The term ‘heat pump’ does exactly what the term suggests – pumps out the heat. It transfers (pumps) heat from a place to another. So, by pumping in or pumping out heat it does an efficient job in both heating and cooling your premises. It becomes an air conditioner during the summer and a heater during the winter.

Types Of Heat Pumps

An air-to-air heat pump generates heat from the outside air. It can do this even if the temperature is as low as zero degrees. A ground-source heat pump generates heat from the ground. As our Earth is the source of heat for such a heat pump, it is considered as one of the most efficient heating choices.


Heat pumps can provide substantial savings over traditional heating or cooling systems, owing to their low running costs. This is possible because they do not require energy to generate heat/ cooling. They just transfer it from one location to another. With a heat pump, you are sure to notice a drop in the energy bills by at least 26%. It would not be wrong to say that for every unit of electricity you invest in a heat pump, you are sure to get back 4 units of heat/ cooling.  

What Are The Costs of Heat Pumps?

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Heat pump installation cost and heat pump running cost depend on factors like the size of your premise and your preference for the kind of insulation and heating system you are intending to use.

Importance Of Timely Heat Pump Maintenance

Lower bills

Irregular heat pump maintenance leads it to lose its efficiency. The pump could get clogged leading to slower movement of air. This triggers the pump to work more and thus consume more energy and slowly leads you to a stage where you would have to go in for your heat pump replacement.

 Fewer repairs

Irregular heat pump maintenance could also slowly cause the system to break down completely. This could lead to inconvenience and the need for the heat pump replacement. So regular maintenance and repairs work out much cheaper and easier and also prevents larger damage.

Better air

A dirty heat pump impacts air quality. So if you desire that you and your family should breathe the best air possible, it is important to get the heat pump maintenance done regularly.

Signs That Your Heat Pump Needs Replacement

Systems get old and even with regular maintenance and care, it is possible that your heat pump needs replacement. Below are some signs that your heat pump could need replacement.

Poor performance

If you notice that your heat pump is giving out inadequate, inconsistent, or uneven heat, this indicates that your heat pump needs to be replaced.

Spike in cost

If you notice a sudden increase in your energy bill, without a corresponding rise in usage, this could be signs that you need a new heat pump system.

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Some noise from a heat pump system is to be expected. But above the regular noise, thumping sounds, loud noises, whining sounds are indicators of something not being right. Do get in touch with your heat pump maintenance team to get your heat pump inspected.

A heat pump provides your year-round comfort by providing heat in winters and cooling in summers. You may feel the pressure of one-time heat pump installation cost, but worry not; it brings with it a lot of saving with each energy bill you pay out, for years to come!

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