Helping You to Choose Between Samsung Note 10 Lite and One Plus 8

Having a smartphone in your pocket is as crucial as the pound bills you have in your wallet. There is hardly anyone left in our country, who does not have or like the luxury and convenience of a smartphone.

Consequently, the companies providing smartphones to us are too many to count. There are so many options that you are bound to get perplexed when the time comes to buy a new phone.

With the advancements taking place in this domain, the time to update your phone comes sooner than later.

Every year hundreds of phones launch and the one you own gets its successor, and your phone becomes the old guy.

Even if you have a pre-decided price point to ease your decision to purchase, there will still be too many options.

Continuing on this line of thought, there are currently two phones in the market:

Samsung Note 10 Lite

And One Plus 8

Both phones are impeccable, both phones are worth buying, and both phones can be considered the magnum opus technologies of their brands. So how do you choose between these two?

Here is a little help.

The Price

Before you even check what the phone’s features are, you have to see the price point. This is because after checking the phone specifications, you might end up loving it, and your wallet may end up hating it and you.

So, to avoid all of that from happening, I will tell you the price first.

The Samsung Note 10 Lite, launched in the UK in February 2020, is priced at £529.

While the One Plus, which is a more recent launch in April 2020, is priced at £599.

So, you can see that the price is not that steep, compared to some of the other phones in the market. You can get any of these today through the high acceptance payday loans from direct lenders and return the amount when you get your paycheque for the next month. EASY!

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The Camera

After the price has become known, the next thing to do is find out how good, no not right, exemplary the camera is. You can’t tell me that I am wrong.

Starting with Samsung,

The phone has triple rear cameras that are 12MP*12MP*12MP. With 77° field of view in the primary camera and 10x digital and 2x optical zoom in its telephoto camera, your pictures are bound to turn out amazing.

Its front camera with a single setup is an astounding 32MP and pretty amazing as well.

Looking at One Plus,

This one also has a triple camera setup, with the primary camera being 48MP f/1.75. It has 25 mm focal length and a 2” sensor size. The other two cameras are 16MP and 2MP that will make wide-angle shots a walk in the park.

Its front camera is lesser than the Samsung’s at 16MP; however, the selfies won’t be the low quality by any means.

Along with this, both the phones have the same video recording with 3840×2160 @ 30 fps and 1920×1080 @ 30 fps for the rear and front cameras orderly.

The Design

The phone has to look good while you hold it in your hand, right? So, let us check out their designs.

The screen size for the One Plus 8 is 6.55”, while Samsung is at 6.7”.

The screen resolution for both the phones is identical at 1080×2400 pixels.

One Plus has a Fluid AMOLED display, while the other has Super AMOLED, both are supreme in use.

The former’s back is made of Gorilla Glass, whereas the latter opted for Mineral Glass. In this one, I find the Samsung just a tad better.

The One Plus 8 has a Screen to Body ratio at 88.69%, and the Samsung has the same at 87%; again, not a significant difference.

The phones’ designs are different, yet one does not supersede the other. Just based on the design and the looks, your decision to choose may never be decisive.

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The Performance

The phones’ performances might help you get to the right choice, which both of them are.

In terms of performance, the One Plus is considered the best in its class. The Note 10 Lite, although, does not have the tag of being the best, it does give the former fierce competition.

Both come with 6GB RAM and a minimum 128GB storage.

The Samsung allows room for expandable memory up to a staggering 1TB, whereas the other has an 8GB/256GB variant variable, but no options to expand.

Both of them also have an Octa-Core Processor. The One Plus does better on this ground with 2.84 GHz as opposed to 2.7 GHz found in the Note.

In terms of battery, the Samsung won the contest at 4500 mAh in comparison to One Plus 8’s 4300 mAh.

The Verdict

I will tell you this one was really tough to decide. I am sure you must think so too. If I had to buy between these two, I would opt for One Plus 8.

I know it is £70 overpriced, but I love clicking pictures, especially at night. And the One Plus 8’s night mode camera is much better than Samsung’s. Also, the best in its class had pretty much made up my mind.

Your choice could be different, no doubt. Whichever phone you end up buying, you will not regret making the purchase.