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Here are 7 most important questions to ask while Buying Roadstone Tyres

Just as other car parts, buying tyres for the first time can be a bit challenging especially if you lack knowledge about its size and performance. Most of the times it’s only the professionals who can guide you with the exact knowledge about tyres that will suit your car. Though one should not be hesitant in asking questions when it comes to car and its safety, yet most people feel a bit embarrassed while asking question regarding Roadstone tyres, one of the best brands in tyres. 

So, to put some of these worries and queries to rest, here we have compiled a list of few questions and their answers which can help you while shopping for tyres. 

7 most important questions to ask while Buying Roadstone Tyres

1. How much pressure should you maintain for Roadstone tires? 
Have you ever gone through the owner’s manual thoroughly? If not, this is the right time to check, since the information about correct tyre pressure is found either in the vehicle owner’s manual or on the tyre placard. The placard tells you the maximum vehicle load, the cold tyre pressures & the tyre size recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. But if you still find it difficult to find the same, visit the most trusted auto workshop near you to get the tyre rightly pressured. 
2. How often does your car tyres need replacement? 
Most Roadstone tires need replacement between 25,000 and 50,000 miles. However, do not believe in numbers, as these are only averages. For proper guidance, here too, you need the help of the owner’s manual to know how often, and in what manner tires should be replaced for any model of a car. 
3. What will happen to the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) after you get new tires
Most monitoring systems are fitted with a pressure sensor which is a part of a tyre valve. If you put new tires on existing rims, it’s more likely for technicians to reuse the sensor. As a result, integrated valve stem becomes more corroded and breaks off easily. However, if you plan to get a second set of wheels to mount your car tires separately, make sure to have a new set of sensors installed in them to make the pressure monitoring system work well. 
4. Does nitrogen make any difference in the tires? 
Yes, definitely! Roadstone tyre manufacturers use nitrogen in the inner tyre liners which act a pressure retention device to provide durability and restrict air loss due to permeability. Not only Roadstone manufacturers, but some tyre shops and filling stations also offer nitrogen as an inflation gas for passenger and light truck tires. 
5. What should you do if you get the wrong tire size? 
Requested a wrong tire size by mistake? Don’t worry. Instead, do another research about tire size that is perfect for your car. Or else you can check the owner’s manual. If you have already placed an order and organized a fitting with the wrong sized tyre, then, without wasting much of your time, have a word with your nearby auto workshop to get it replaced with a correct one. If they are experienced chances are they themselves will suggest you to not go ahead with the fitting and order another replacement. 
6. What are the best tyre brands to buy, apart from Roadstone tires? 
Well, it’s difficult to name one. Besides, Roadstone being one of the A1 tyres, each of the other brands too are known for their ultimate performance on road. However, if you are looking for good values on discounted tires without compromising on quality, undoubtedly you can go for brands such as Hankook, Goodyear, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental, Nitto, Dunlop, Michelin, Otani and Yokohama. 
7. How would you get your car tires changed? 
Though changing tires all by oneself is no more a biggie, yet its best performed by a professional mechanic when purchasing a new one. For besides getting a correct tyre size and changing it all by yourself, it is also important to get your car tyre well-fitted to avoid any untoward situation. 
There are many auto workshops that are dedicated to changing Roadstone tyres but it’s equally hard to get one such trusted automotive workshop that would provide a good fitting. And who else better than ZDEGREE can do it? If you are searching for any other branded tyres apart from Roadstone, do not worry, ZDEGREE is there to sort it out. For this is the one and only trusted store in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to provide you with a good fit and a guarantee of getting all the original branded tyres at an affordable market price.  

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