How a copywriting agency saves you time and money

A text agency saves you time on your projects

Nothing is as annoying as a delivered website that doesn’t go online because of a lack of content. Or a magazine that can’t go to the printer because of a lack of texts. Don’t let the site fritter away endlessly in the internship environment, but call in an SEO tekstburo for quality web texts. In this way, the new site can go online immediately after completion. And we fill up the magazine so that it can be printed immediately.

You your expertise, we ours

Planning projects, managing people and delivering great results is your thing. When a customer knocks on the door for a new website, you immediately know who to call. And for a communication guide, the right partners are already under your hotkey. Taking care of a project down to the last detail is what you are good at. Tapping texts is our thing. That’s why we’re your partner to take over.

Project management

You’ve got your hands full with all your clients’ assignments. That magazine doesn’t make itself. You have to take care of photographers, find designers, keep the client happy. In short: you have a lot to do. We take over everything that has to do with text. We don’t just tap, we also arrange the necessary interviews and keep you constantly up to date. Then you can pass on the state of affairs to your client. Everyone is satisfied.

Qualitative SEO web texts

You move heaven and earth to set up a new website for your client. If it is not found, it feels like all the work has been for nothing. Lotje Getikt provides high quality SEO webtexts with which your client will score immediately. Our SEO copywriters do extensive keyword research, write in a mobile-friendly way and provide the conversion-oriented texts with buttons, call-to-actions and meta tags.

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Every design an attractive text

You’re in charge of designers, photographers and copywriters. And make sure they all work together. The texts must fit seamlessly with the design. The photos must have the right dimensions. A lot of rules. Tell us in advance what the design looks like and we will adapt our texts accordingly. Write the perfect length and put quotes and frames where there is room for it. In the end all you have to do is copy and paste.

An SEO copywriter for monthly marketing

You can contact Door Lotje Getikt for the complete content supply, from social media to newsletters. For several partners, we take care of the monthly fitness marketing of their customers. If desired, we do this under the flag of your agency and invoicing can also be done through your company. This way you keep the reins in your own hands.

Of course, we ensure that content is always delivered within the agreed deadline and Door Lotje Getikt goes even further. We are not a freelancer who takes on an assignment and you don’t hear from us until the date of the deadline. Door Lotje Getikt keeps a detailed content schedule in Google Drive for all its partners. Here you can see the status of your assignment in real time. So feel free to take a look with us.

We will be happy to keep you informed via e-mail or by calling you. So you can keep your customers happy. And you can also keep yourself busy with other tasks.

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