How Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing everything around you!

Artificial Intelligence in a nutshell

This is all part of the grand scheme of Artificial Intelligence (AI), an alternative to reduce human effort and improve quality. AI is human-created, yes, but it has the potential to exponentially grow by self-learning and execute impossible tasks, this has been the sole goal of AI since its inception.

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By saying AI is still in the development stage is almost an understatement, because now more than ever AI is present in every aspect and may affect you directly or indirectly.

Let us take an example…

A good example would be voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, or Google, they might appear basic and robotic but the tasks they achieve are a beautiful ensemble of AI and machine learning.

From video games to military projects, from spam filters to space expeditions, the incorporation of AI in every stage is paramount and beneficial. So keeping this in mind let’s take a look at how AI has affected the things around us and impacted our daily lives.

AI’s impact on the Health Sector

Dealing with the human body can never be an easy task, and doctors and researchers have to face new challenges every day.

  • AI technology has helped understand patients’ medical history before the actual appointment. This allows for better diagnosis and treatment.
  • Medical data analysis can predict certain alignments that are likely to affect an individual and therefore preventive measures can be deployed.
  • Besides this, the development of better medicines and equipment in pharmaceutical companies is made possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
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AI’s impact on the Entertainment industry:

Probably the most evident field especially with respect to the gaming industry! A few years back gaming experience was poor and not indulging, but today pick any game from the shelf and you can see the superior quality and engagement it has improved with.

Many AI companies are also using the gaming platform as testing grounds. For example, OpenAI, a machine learning software that was deployed into multiple games, it had the ability to overpower professional gamers and completely turn the tide towards its favor, just by tracking and self-learning.

Even in movies and shows, the use of CGI is made possible by a cybernetic brain power called AI.

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AI’s impact on Security:

Another area where we can witness exponential growth in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is security.

It is estimated that in 2020 the costs from data breaches will result in $150 million in monetary damages.

  • The tracking of online data and practices has helped in reducing cyber threats. This also impacts the privacy of an individual, so careful and strategic manipulation of this double-edged sword is the key.
  • Even in physical security, AI and robotics have displayed feats that could endanger a human operator.
  • Like better military equipment, robotic intervention modes and tracking systems are used to a great extent.

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AI’s impact on the manufacturing sector:

Robotics and AI always go hand-in-hand and they coordinate well with each other. Until recent times, manufacturing used to be a labor and time-intensive task, but robotics has helped make the manufacturing process smooth and streamlined.

  • Robots in manufacturing process reduces human errors
  • Robots and AI reduce the wastage of resources
  • AI speeds up the production levels
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Most of the major industries integrate robotics in one way or the other. Those that have used the full potential of this are reaping high rewards and experiencing substantial growth, but the usage has been ever rising.

The global sales of robotic machines in the year 2018 alone were around $16.5 billion, this state compliments the fact that more and more industries are using AI developed machines into the process.

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AI’s impact on financial institutions:

Banks and other financial institutions are now making use of Artificial intelligence (AI) technology to better process loans and keep track of customer history.

  • The deep learning process of an AI system can better understand the profile of a customer and take necessary action in the shortest time possible.
  • Not only is this, but a monotonous task like data entry, bookkeeping, accounts maintenance is replaced with automated systems with the help of AI.


These are just a few of the implication that Artificial Intelligence has had on the society, the still ongoing development and research will surely take society into a favorable future.

Research has shown that by 2025 the AI market will grow by $190 Billion and we will all be a part of it.