How Automotive Companies can use Toll-Free Numbers

Several elements contribute to making a company a reliable brand name. One of these elements, which is crucial to any company, is the ease with which customers can connect with the business. Today’s digital-savvy buyers of automobiles visit the dealership less, relying instead on digital research, social media, and videos to stay informed and make purchase decisions. When they do visit a showroom, the customer is armed with an array of knowledge. Customers shift from online and offline channels before finally deciding their choice of the vehicle, and hence, providing customers with the necessary information and inspiring them is critical. Therefore, companies that fall behind on providing a seamless and connected experience risk losing the customer.

One of the most cost-effective ways of ensuring that customers are always connected to a business is by adding a toll-free number to the communication suite. Toll-free numbers are an indispensable asset that help a company deliver round-the-clock service to customers, enable seamless communication, and grow the business over time. This is crucial in the automobile industry, where customer service is a critical success factor for companies to improve their brand image. Toll-free numbers also offer a quick query resolution channel, where customers can review and request for the company’s services.

Due to their inherent advantages, toll-free numbers have enormous potential to serve the needs of the automotive industry. This industry caters to the needs of diverse stakeholders, right from individuals such as buyers and sales agents to organizations such as component manufacturers, rental solutions providers, resale platform providers, after-sales support, and showrooms. When serving a diverse set of stakeholders, a toll-free number can help provide additional avenues of connectivity, apart from resolving customer queries, which include:

  • Getting information on the nearest showrooms
  • Booking test drive appointments for select vehicles
  • Enquiring about authorized service repair centers and spare parts
  • Enquiring about a manufacturer’s vehicle specifications and payment options
  • Sending out important updates to prospective customers about deals and offers through outbound calling solutions
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Toll-free solutions enable the automotive sector to run while catering to the needs of all stakeholders and facilitating lead generation and round-the-clock customer service by seamlessly connecting buyers and sellers. They also offer operational efficiencies to the company through varied benefits such as:

  • Improved customer service: Prospects always have a channel to connect, making the brand look professional, and they increase the confidence and trust of the customer in the business
  • Increased employee productivity: Calls coming from a toll-free number are always routed to the right stakeholder, saving them the effort of manually routing calls
  • Simplified processes: The automotive company can connect a wide range of departments, post-sales service centers, and staff members as per its business needs, ranging from inquiries before purchase, after-sales support, and everything in between
  • Improved staff training and performance management: Conversations done over a toll-free number can be recorded and saved to check for potential flaws in the delivery of customer support. These can be fixed proactively and used to improve training to customer support personnel
  • Improved lead generation: By adopting missed call solutions, automotive companies can call back prospects and educate them on product catalogs, features, offers, and general queries, thereby boosting sales and improving brand recall
  • Privacy: With call or number masking, an advanced data protection measure, a seamless connection can be facilitated without disclosing the customer’s phone numbers, resulting in improved security

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