How Can I Apply for an Umrah Visa from the UK?

Umrah is a non-mandatory religious obligation that is performed by Muslims from all over the world. There is no specific time to perform the Umrah just like the Hajj. But you definitely need an Umrah visa for going to Makkah to perform Umrah. 

Wondering, how to apply for the Umrah via? There is no need to worry about anything. You can need to follow the below instruction to apply for the Umrah Visa 2020 without any further delay. Let’s get started:

Umrah Visa Policy 

The Saudi Government is having a proper policy regarding the Umrah and Hajj Visa. To get an visa quickly, it is best to get in touch with an authorized travel agency. According to the new policy, keep the following points in your mind:

1: The Saudi government has removed the charges of 2000 SAR for the customers who want to perform Umrah twice in the same calendar year. But the government has introduced a revised visa fee that is up to £175.

2: UK Passport holders have to send their Scanned Passport Copies, Digital Passport Size photograph that should be having a white background. The umrah visa processing is completed in 5-7 working days.

Note: Remember that the Umrah processing time has been slightly increased due to the launch of a new system. Now, the travel agents are required to issue a BRN through approved servers before they apply for Umrah Visa.

3: It is compulsory for every pilgrim to enter Saudi Arabia with pre-arranged accommodation and return tickets. These arrangements are now prerequisites to get the Umrah visa.

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4: If you are a non-British passport, then you have to submit the documents in the Embassy. The visa processing may need 15 working days for the processing.

5: When you are going to apply for your Umrah visa only application form, then it is best to ensure that your passport is having validity for the next six months from the date of travel. Furthermore, it should be having at least two blank pages.

6: According to the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah, the validity of the Umrah visa is only for one month. No matter how elaborate the Umrah is, it will not take more than two weeks. Note that the staying period shrinks to 14 days during the month of Rajab to Ramadan.

7: It is compulsory for the woman who is under 45 years of age to travel with a Mahram for the performance of Umrah. The minimum age of the Mahram should be 17 years.

Note: As Umrah cannot be performed without a Mahram according to the above rule, so it is also important for the pilgrim to show the documented proof for the relation with the male relative should be attached with the form. If the Mahram is a spouse, then he has to provide a copy of a marriage certificate. If the Mahram is a sibling, then he has to provide the birth certificate of him and his sister. In addition to this, consistency of the language should be kept in mind. Remember that if you are having some of your documents in English and some are in another language, then it is best to get the rest of the documents translated before the submission. Your documents should not be considered valid if they are not appropriately notarized.

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8: The candidate needs to be vaccinated against the meningitis and they have to provide the documented proof of that vaccination. This medical should report the current record of the candidate’s health and they should hold a validity of 3 years. It is best to take this vaccination for Umrah at least two weeks before you are departing from the flight. In addition to this, you should schedule your medical consultation on time to avoid unforeseen developments. Note that the children should provide an additional polio vaccination certificate.

9: The candidates who are advised to apply for the Umrah visa, then you should get in touch with approved travel agents in the UK or a licensed UK based travel agency to apply for the Umrah visa. According to the latest regulations, the government of Saudi Arabia does not allow the candidate to apply for the visa on their own.

10: Women who are 45 years old or above, then they are allowed to travel without being escorted by a Mahram. Such a woman can travel with the large group if they are having the NOC from her Mahram.

11: If the applicant is a converted Muslim, then the candidate should provide a certificate from the Mosque or by the Islamic center that he or she is a Muslim.

These were the important eleven points that you need to keep in mind when you are going to apply for the Umrah Visa from UK at an affordable price from an authorized travel agency. It is always best to find the reputed travel agent or travel agency to get rid of the problem when you are going to travel for Umrah. Timely planning and arrangement should be done to save your time and money.

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