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How Does Competency Based Interview Training Helps to Hire the Right Talent?

Hiring a competent and efficient person as per the requirement of the process is an important task and need adequate planning. Companies who hired a candidate without much relating to the person’s traits with the requirement of the work always end up getting an unsatisfactory result. Such planning leads to waste of time and energy in the long run. The decision of hiring is a responsible task, and one should be aware of its future consequences.

Competency-based interview training is a module that helps the organization to hire responsible and efficient resources. Few parameters have been looked and elaborated properly to assist organizations in the proper planning of the hiring process. Through the program, hiring panel gets an insight into crucial phases required while planning an interview process for selecting a suitable candidate. Let’s have some of the modules described below:

Step 1: Be clear about the selection criteria: 

It is pretty important to be clear about the required traits, skillset, and experience for the position you are recruiting for. If you are clear about the entire requirement, then it would guide you to design an appropriate selection structure.

To be more precise, the job description is a crucial point here that can guide selectors to choose the candidate and send an invite for the further round of interview. Look at the description and match the details of the company’s requirement and then make a decision whether the skill sets are appropriate for the required profile.

The result could be more satisfactory if the planning of the hiring process for a particular profile starts from scratch. It is wise to use the learning from the previous hiring process and make the current hiring process even more fruiting by avoiding the casualty happened last time.

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Step 2: Design an effective questionnaire: 

Once you are clear about the required traits, you may design the important question set properly. Asking situation-based questions like, what challenges you? Share one most challenging experience from the last working company? How did you deal with a disorganized and inefficient person in your team? Such questions would help to know about the candidate’s honesty and efficiency of taking challenges during the time of pressure. Planning the questions following the technique called STAR, i.e. Star, Task, Action; Result is indeed giving the fruitful outcomes. As an interviewer, you must be careful of your tone, it should sound friendly and professional, not interrogative, as it can offend the interview and can leave a wrongful impression.

Step 3: Plan a structured interview: 

Competency-based interview training guides to design a formal interview to hire a suitable talent for the organization. Here are a few key points that are helpful to utilize a long-term resource who can add value in the development of the company:

  • Have a designed plan for hiring
  • Listen to the candidate while interviewing carefully
  • Provide suitable thinking time
  • Take proper notes for further guidance
  • Evaluate the candidate by proper analysis and take the right decision

Whenever an interview was done in an unplanned and unfocused way, the consequences are always unsatisfactory. Inappropriate hiring may cause the extra burden for the company by increasing the responsibility of other employees which eventually may result as big chaos.

Taking the competency-based interview training guide an organization for lifelong in hiring a suitable and rightful candidate to meet the future goal of the company

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