How Does the Thyroid Gland affect the Hair?

Thyroid Causes Hair Loss

Hair can fall out in large quantities in humans for various reasons. And not every one of them is a reason to panic. Hair by nature should fall out when it reaches the third, final, phase of its growth. And the norm is when a person loses from 40 to 100 hairs per day. However, when the hair begins to pour in faster and larger volumes, it becomes a cause for panic. Doctors say that not all the causes that cause loss are very dangerous.

Losing hair on the head, except in those cases when he tears them off on himself, a person can because of such phenomena as:

Hormonal changes in the body,

Unhealthy ecology,

Frequent stresses and nervous shocks,

Insufficiently good water, which is used for washing the head,

Improper care for hair,

Poor blood supply to the scalp,

Improper nutrition.

Often, doctors carry out the following analogy: hair loss and the thyroid gland. And there are a number of scientific evidence that thyroid disease has a direct impact on the growth and strength of our strands.

How to determine that the thyroid gland is “to blame”

Hair loss due to diseases of the thyroid gland refers to those symptoms that require a visit to a doctor and quality treatment. Doctors have identified a number of causes and symptoms, considering which we can say that the cause of excessive baldness lies precisely in the thyroid gland. Therefore, it is advised to examine the symptoms you have and listen to your body in order to understand what the cause of hair loss is.

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Thyroid problems are commonly referred to as hypothyroidism. He has a number of characteristic features. So, thyroid and hair loss is a very tight bundle. After all, the loss of hair becomes one of the first signals for humans.

In addition, symptoms such as:

Unexpected weight gain (for no apparent reason),

Frequent depression,

Excessive irritability,

Increased fatigue (even with good rest and sleep),

Dry skin.

The thyroid gland and hair loss are closely tied due to changes in hormonal levels. When hypothyroidism occurs, the production of hormones that are responsible for nourishing and strengthening the hair stops in the follicles. At first, this is not felt at all and does not affect the condition of the hair especially. However, over time, the quality of hair begins to deteriorate, and their number significantly decreases.

In addition, the fact that the hair suddenly became coarse, brittle and thin also indicates problems with the thyroid. It should be understood that this problem concerns not only the hair on the head. The quality of the hair deteriorates throughout the body: in the armpits, eyebrows, etc.

Excessive hormone production by the thyroid gland, known as hyperthyroidism, also leads to problems with hair. In this case, another series of characteristic symptoms are added:

Increased nervousness and the emergence of undue anxiety,


Change nails, in particular, their shape and color. It also appears their excessive fragility.

If you notice at least a few symptoms at once, you should be examined by a doctor. And if the results of the tests show that hair loss is caused by problems with the thyroid, you should pay special attention and time to a cure.

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How to deal with baldness

Naturally, first of all, it is necessary to treat the main reason that causes hair loss, i.e. solve problems with the thyroid gland. However, such treatment can take quite a long time, because the hormonal correction is also required. At the same time, the hair will fall out in rather large quantities. According to Dr. Anil Garg Member of ISHRS, recommend a number of drugs and substances that will contain this process and restore hair to the maximum.

An actual treatment option in this situation, according to experts, is the intake of biologically active drugs and supplements. The most commonly prescribed amino acid intake. They promote more active hair growth. As a rule, amino acids such as lysine or arginine help to cope with the problem of baldness in thyroid diseases.

It is also recommended to make adjustments in your diet. For example, it is worth more often to use foods such as chicken, peas, eggs, sea fish – they also contain amino acids necessary for hair growth.

Foods we excluded from the diet

It is imperative to evaluate the benefits of the products you use. Perhaps, we will start with the list of products, the use of which will have to be at least temporarily excluded or significantly limited when this problem occurs. Even if you have not had time to go to the doctor and probably determine the cause of the disease, it does not hurt to temporarily remove from your menu:

Sweet soda,

Too sharp, salty, fatty, fried, smoked, canned and sweet foods,

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Flour products,

Any products that cause an allergic reaction,

Exotic foods that your body perceives with difficulty,

Tobacco and alcohol.

Effect of diet on hair condition

Speaking about what products should be consumed when faced with baldness, it is impossible not to emphasize that the most important condition is their diversity. Strong, healthy and beautiful your strands will make a balanced diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, dairy dishes, and oily fish.

Balanced nutrition for hair loss If you often struggle with excess weight, applying various express diets, thoughtlessly limiting your own body in any of these products, it can harm both the hair and the stomach, and adversely affect the state of the body as a whole. Often low-calorie diets require restricting the use of certain foods that contain important elements for healthy hair, such as zinc, vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids. As a result, hairs become dull, brittle and grow worse. And the constant shortage of necessary elements often causes severe hair loss.

Strict diets have a strong impact on the life cycle of hair. Significant weight loss over a short period of time knocks down the normal rhythm of hair replacement. Therefore, a few months after losing weight, you can find increased hair loss. This phenomenon is temporary, however, to restore and strengthen the healthy state of the hair is possible only with the help of a harmonious and balanced diet.

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