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How Early Morning Yoga keeps You Fresh for the Whole Day?

Yoga is a holistic practice that originated in ancient India. The ancient yogis of India wanted to dig deep into the human psyche as a means to reach the spiritual existence of a person. They realized that the path to this spiritual self was a tough one. One had to start by detaching themselves from all things materialistic and that which was a human construct. Things like emotional attachments to anything, behavioral patterns, personality building and other materialistic attachments must be sacrificed in order to fully give into the building of the true self that was beyond all these attachments.

After the sacrifice of the man-made “SELF”, yogis were put to practicing yoga. Yoga is a Sanskrit word that translated to “THE UNION”. The union of the mental and the physical self would pave a path to reach the spiritual self. The element that formed the union of the mental and the physical was something that all living beings possessed, i.e. the “Breath”. Breath was what united the powers of the physical body and the mental mind.

But before one could jump into a union, they had to increase the powers of the body and the mind. This they could only be achieved by training the two entities to reach the most of their capabilities. Hence yoga emerged as a holistic practice to not only train the body and the mind, but to later unite the two to reach the spiritual self which was true to a person.

The training of the physical body could be done by performing Asanas and the training of the mind was done by performing Dhyana (Meditation). And hence by training the body and the mind with intensive practices, one could unite the two powers of the body with their breath and this resulted in a unique synchronization and the forming of a rhythm that helped people take the first step towards their true self which was spiritual in nature.

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Ever since, yoga has been a boon to many lives. Especially after yoga was given to the international audience, a boom in the numbers of yoga enthusiasts has been witnessed. There are many countries in the world that accommodate holistic spaces for yoga enthusiasts to go on yoga retreats and yoga teacher training courses. One of these countries is, Nepal. Yoga retreats in Nepal is a rejuvenating experience as you breathe the air of the Himalayan Mountains when you practice yoga in Nepal; this fills your body with the freshest air there can be. One’s who want to pursue a career in yoga as a teacher also head to this country as there are plenty of great schools that offer yoga teacher training in Nepal.

Yoga as a practice can be done anytime of the day. If not a proper yoga class, people can practice a few Asanas that are easy and consume less space at any point of the day at any place. But there are special benefits that come with practicing yoga early in the morning.

  • Early morning yoga increases vitality:

According to the Vedas (holy Hindu scriptures), early in the morning before the sun rises is a time of the day that is packed with spiritually charged atmosphere. When you practice yoga at this time and do a proper class of yoga, you absorb as much of the spiritually charged environment in you as you can. This helps you stay focused and calm throughout the day while still feeling enthusiastic and charged throughout the day.

  • Early morning yoga increases energy levels:
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The time of the early morning is the time when people are sleeping and are about to awaken, the energy that people need to lead their day is around them and when they are about to awaken, the energy is at its full potential, to be absorbed by the bodies. It is also the time when there is a natural silence, like the kind one feels before a storm. Practicing yoga at this time ensures a rhythmic and synchronized movement that leads to the correct way of awakening the body and boost in one’s energy levels.

  • Early morning yoga boosts regulation of hormones and metabolism:

Did you know that yoga is a great caffeine alternative. It gives you double the boost of two cups of coffee and at the same time ensures you reduce your caffeine intake for the day. Practicing yoga early in the morning is known to have a very positive effect on your endocrine system that is known to be responsible for hormones metabolism and its balance. With yoga you give your endocrine system a healthier routine to boost its functioning.

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