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How Halloween contact lenses can turn your look from Cool to Scary

Halloween contacts are the perfect accessory for Halloween, they provide the finishing touch which makes everyone go wow or gasp when it comes to Halloween. Do you know that some people use Halloween contact lenses or the crazy contacts like sclera lenses or the circle lenses every day. Mostly those who like to don a crazy look like vlogger, these people are every day users of these crazy lenses.

While you will see a lot of people wearing contact lenses, usually regular contact lenses or coloured for vision correction or just cosmetic purposes. But when we hit October it is then that you let that wild side lose and turn towards more freaky contact lenses. All you need is the Halloween contact lenses inspirations available on the internet to get you going. Once you have seen a Halloween costume with these freaky lenses you will not have it any other way.

But no matter how much fun or crazy they provide, they are still medical devices which are placed on your EYES. Halloween contacts make your Halloween a lot more fun and exciting, but you must not let the excitement go overboard and take care of your health.


While Halloween contact lenses are fun you can actually damage your fun and your health without a prescription. The problem arises when you buy a Halloween contacts pair without getting a prescription from the doctor. The doctor will advise you about the type of lens which will fit your eyes, if by mistake you buy the wrong fit then it will cause all sorts of discomfort, it may even damage your eyes. There are cases of serious infections and scratching of cornea because the lens didn’t fit.

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And it is not that a hassle, just visit your doctor and get your eyes examined. You will get a prescription and you are good to go to have fun safely.


Anything you try for the first time will take time to adjust and so is the case with Halloween contact lenses. So take some time out for getting used to the lenses you have bought. If you are a newbie and starting off for the first time then try to getting used to them before the Halloween party. You cannot afford to get late for the party.


Like mentioned earlier, Halloween contacts are also medical devices. It doesn’t matter for what you are using them, you are required to care for the products made to be worn on your eyes. The caring part is not that hard, you just have to clean them with disinfectant solution on a daily basis, the problem comes with consistently doing it. Usually people get a bit careless.

This is mandatory for weekly or monthly contact lenses, if you feel it is hard to do that then you can always opt for daily disposable contact lenses. These are great for Halloween and you can dispose them after a month.


Sclera contact lenses are widely used for Halloween and cosplays. They offer a unique and a pretty scary look if you are wearing scary Halloween costume. That is because these lenes completely from the pupil to the sclera of your eyes. Wearing these lenses will make you look like as though you have just came off from a TV set.

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One thing you have to be careful about Sclera lenses is that you must not wear them for a prolonged period. Wear them only when they are needed. The reason for that is that they cover your eyes completely, which makes a big hindrance for your eye to collect oxygen from the surrounding. So just wear them for only the Halloween party and then take them otherwise your Halloween could get really scary for you.


Getting ready for Halloween is never easy but Halloween contacts can provide that magic touch to provide that spark you need for Halloween. In any case there are certain precautions, as mentioned above, you must follow so you are on the safe side when it comes to Halloween.

Avoid buying Halloween lenses from beauty salons, flea markets or street stalls. Always buy from your eye care provider or a renown brand. If you are buying from an online store make sure they are a reputable online store.

Secondly, once you have bought your lenses, you must never share them with anyone, friends or family. These are your private property belonging only to you.

Also, never sleep with your Halloween contact lenses, you must take them off before going to bed. Follow these easy safety steps and you will have nothing to fear on the night of Halloween.

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