How important is teeth whitening for a per Dentist in East Barnet fect smile?

“Smile is the Key that unlocks everyone’s heart.” This extremely popular proverb is describing the importance of a smile on its own. Smile is the precious Jewellery anyone can wear but whenever we smile our teeth play a key role and if our smile is beautiful then its credit goes to our teeth. Therefore, it is important to keep our teeth healthy and clean. White teeth shine likes sparkle which intensifies our alluring smile. But, the most important question asked by common people from the Dentist in East Barnet is how I can get white teeth? Everyone wants white teeth and nowadays to scientific area everything is possible artificially. Cosmetic Whitening of teeth is in trend nowadays and the dentist helps us to enhance the beauty of our smile. Before treating our teeth with artificial products this is our responsibility to know some facts regarding teeth whitening and why it is important? Given below are the few most important points which must be known by everyone.

Why my teeth are turning yellow?

You should know the actual reason why your teeth are losing natural whitening. There are many reasons responsible for yellow teeth. Few most common reasons are mentioned below:

  • Low level eating lifestyle: Street food can ruin your Tooth whitening in East Barnet and convert them into pale yellow. All canned food is toxic for our beautiful smile as their acid content is too high. Besides canned food, soft drinks, alcohol or every drink having a high sugar level can definitely destroy your teeth. So, basically you should avoid food or drinks that have a high amount of acid and sugar content. Smoking can also play a key role in your pale yellow teeth.
  • Aging:  Aging is the most important factor which affects our whole physical health. Generally, in the late 20s or 30s, your teeth start fading natural white color.
  • Xerostomia <Dry Mouth Condition>- This is quite a common problem faced by almost people. When we are thirsty and we refuse to drink water and even due to change in the composition of saliva or low flow of saliva can cause Xerostomia. Saliva is having many bacteria that can fight with many pathogens and make our teeth and oral hygiene.
  • Antibiotics: Nowadays, we cannot imagine our life without having antibiotics and there are many antibiotics that reduce the enamel from the teeth and mop up its natural white color. Few antibiotics such as Tetracycline, Doxycycline can reduce the whitening of your teeth.
  • Fluoride: Fluoride is also dangerous for us as if we intake it in large amount it will destroy our smile.
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Just stand in front of the mirror and observe your teeth if, your teeth are losing natural beauty in that case you have to take proper care and avoid almost the mentioned items above. Your lifestyle plays a major role so, this is our responsibility to make your teeth healthy.

Why should someone whiten their teeth?

A beautiful smile can boost our self -confidence and this is well known by everyone that how much self-confidence is important nowadays. Except this, there is much more reason which includes whitening of teeth such as:

o   Many people want to hide their aging so, they prefer to go with the whitening of teeth.

o   For some special occasion, as if someone is getting married in that case they want to look more beautiful.

These are a few reasons but moreover, everyone ant beautiful smile that’s why they will go for the whitening of teeth. Yellow teeth are witnessed of a bad lifestyle and an unhealthy diet. So, this is our responsibility to maintain oral hygiene.

How can I professionally whiten my teeth?

No doubt cosmetic surgery can help you in getting a beautiful smile but if you want to keep your beautiful smile long-lasting in that case you should go for the dentist. They are professional and can do a better job. There are many ways by which you can whiten your teeth. Generally, the dentist provides few common professional services for whitening of teeth such as:

  1. Custom Whitening Trays.
  2. In-office Teeth Whitening.
  3. Crest White Strips
  4. Guideline on special Whitening Toothpaste
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