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How is the Education system changing in the 21st century in Zambia?

From moulding student’s career to providing online courses, modern education system is Zambia has everything to offer! 

The 21st-century education in Zambia is providing a framework for successful learning in the classroom and ensuring students to thrive in a world where change is constant and learning never stops. From the way the world is working to changing the way children studying, new and emerging technologies are bringing a rapid change in education of Zambia. Success is different now than it used to be in the past. Ambitious people are frequently choosing to opt for the traditional job market and create their own jobs. While high-achieving people are expecting to be able to live and work anywhere in the world, travel as often and as long as they like, enjoy earning potential that is not capped by a salary figure, and work with peers across the globe. All thanks to teaching professionals in Zambia who by adapting modern techniques have improved student’s future and have been the biggest source of influencers in a student’s life! From building their self-confidence, creativity level and skills to providing online courses, Universities of Zambia have got everything to mould a student’s career! 

  • Goal of modern education in Zambia! 

Modern education in Zambia is to focus on ensuring that students learn to develop problem solving skills, be great decision makers, and enablers. Every professional ensure that students leave universities with life skills that would help them navigate challenges even if solutions are not known to them. Educators in Zambia believe they need to be comfortable to work with the people having different backgrounds and life experiences for there is no field of pursuit left which is uni-dimensional. Even if you take an example of sportsmen pursuing an individual sport such as tennis or athletics, they need to interface with psychologists, trainers, big data technologists and work with them as a team. 

  • Universities of Zambia are engaging more on modern teaching methodology! 

Modern teaching methodology is all about focusing on thinking and analytical skills. It provides a foundation to holistic educational practices that facilitate life-long learning, engages the student’s natural curiosity, boosts retention and develop future careers. Strong assessment system and gradual enhancement of learning curve is helping students to evaluate their core strengths and areas of improvement on a personal level.  

  • Zambia is providing skill-based education to mould student’s career!  
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Most of the universities of Zambia, believe education is not just teaching the mentioned syllabus but opening the mind to multiple possibilities, imbibing life skills and preparing students for being entrepreneurial, in every walk of life. The idea of having customized consumption, smaller learning spaces and flipped classrooms are found beyond textbooks and are more aligned to application of knowledge rather than assessment of retention. The 21st century flexible learning paths are focusing on imparting life skills, student centric learning methods and using of technology to improve student’s personal development skills. 

  • Adaptability for new ideas in the education system 

through online classes! 

Innovation has played an important role in this effective use of teaching and learning virtual programs. Modern audio-visual aids have taken teaching and instruction to the next level where online classes are conducted by, teachers, that includes teaching material, audio visual tools, and conference software that has made online courses super easy for students. Students of Zambia now can log in remotely to the classes of their interest and enjoy education benefits from anywhere in the world. Besides gratifying teaching objectives, these online classes are very cost friendly and are designed as per real world teaching best practices. 

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