How mobile apps can give a lift to your sales this Holiday season

It is surprising that customers especially downloads mobile apps that offer heavy discounts and latest products during this season. Some businesses are happy with making their shopping app as the only sales counter.

Getting people excited during the holiday season is easier than other times of the year. With overcrowded stores and long queues in retail outlets, there are some customers who still prefer shopping online. 

If you haven’t realised the value of a shopping app for the holiday season, it’s time to redeem yourself. Building a mobile app can take ages but not if you make your own app. Small business owners have been converting their e-commerce websites into apps to quickly create an app. 

Let’s looks at how you can boost your sales with a mobile app: 

Heavy discounts & good marketing go hand in hand

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Encourage customers to invest some of their shopping budget with your brand. This can easily be put in actions by sending regular reminders, in the form of push notifications through your app. 

Holiday season is a good time to push in new marketing strategy through regular reminders. Give your customers more reasons to buy from your mobile app. 

Most people look for heavy promotions during this season through different vendors. You can use this opportunity to leverage it your benefit. 

You can either choose to run the most lucrative discounts during the entire season or start a flash sale with a discount to bring in excitement. You can offer the same discount on your website to boost your sales by double. 

It is easier to reach out to a large chunk of audience using social media, which you can benefit from too. Your audience is sitting right there, why not take run an awesome campaign to impress them? There are good chances they will fire up your app and browse through your products. Before running the campaign, make sure your social media pages look stunning. Try updating the profile picture/cover image too. 

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Test the performance of the app to handle the rush

A lot of apps drive away sales because they are too slow. People hardly have patience and time to keep up with an that is not optimized to handle the rush. With countless options available in the market, customers hardly want to wait to get a sales to pass through or load the products.

To overcome this challenge, it is important that your app is built on a native platform. Native apps are faster and offer a much better user experience than other apps do. 

Ideally, once your customer has selected their items, they mush checkout smoothly and easily to avoid cart abandonment. Regardless of the number of items the customers has in the cart, they are more likely to abandon if its taking too long to process the transaction. 

You can optimize the performance of your app by making sure your app has a feature of analytics that reports bugs, issues and crashes that can be fixed immediately. 

Additionally, before the holiday period starts every year, you can check the overall performance of your app and fix problems instantly. 

The only thing to keep in mind is that making major changes during the holiday season may not be a great idea. If you’re not sure when the app will ready, try stalling it until the holiday period is over. 

Create a theme inspired by the holiday season

In the first section, we spoke about how updating your social media pages with holiday theme images can set off customers to land on your app. In the same way, you can create a mesmerizing theme on your app that is inspired by the holiday season. 

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Holiday season is all about gold and glitters, there are a bundle of ideas that you can put in to create a full-blown holiday theme on your app. 

Start with using images that are inspired with Christmas/New Year. Change the banner, category and sub category images of your app. You can also change the splash screen of your app to indicate your brand is offering good discounts. 

While it is important to deck your app, overdoing it can do more harm that good. It is not necessary to throw the holiday season in the face of your customers. Keep it elegant and more subtle. The only reason that you are creating this theme is to get your customers in the spirits of the holiday. 

At the end of the day, it is the offers that will get customers excited. Going overboard with the design will fiddle with original design of the app, eventually taking away the look and feel of your brand. 

Strategize your next move, sketch plan post holidays

Checklist, Check, List, Marker, Checked, Pen, Mark

Your sales can take a hit after the holidays, which is very common and likely to happen. Customers are extremely generous during the holiday season but very sensitive post that. 

A good way of approaching the post-holiday season is leveraging the new year. You will still come around customers that are willing to spend even during new year. 

For many customers, new user is all about adapting to new activities and change. You can take this opportunity and use it to your benefits by tweaking your campaign a little bit. 

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It may be wrong to upsell, but it comes handy when the customers is in a mood to spend. Some customers are enthusiastic about adding new things to your collection with the new year. You can completely motivate customers by creating a campaign that entices them to buy products they were unable to buy during holidays. 

Create a special campaign for people who abandoned their carts during Christmas and persuade them to come back and buy it on a special discounts. You never know how many sales you may get with a simple campaign like this. 

Ending note

Christmas and New Year is probably the time of the year for business to recover from losses. Not only is this time great for increasing sales substantially, but it is also an ideal time to build stronger relationships with your valuable customers. 

This holiday season, make sure you don’t only connect with your customers but also grow your sales exponentially. 

In this post, we discussed how mobile apps can help boost your sales as a single checkout counter. If you don’t have a mobile app for this holiday season, you can always make your own app with a reliable app builder. The process can be completed within minutes of signing up with a good company and publish it on relevant app stores. Build an effective strategy to elevate your sales with your business app.

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