How The Role Of A Business Analyst Bridges The Gap Between Commerce And Data Science?

Businesses are bound to change the existing paradigm of operation in terms of data utilization. Why? Well, times are changing. Data science is mainstream nowadays! If you are not using it you are missing on it. the competition will simply gain more advantage in terms of performance and even reach. Better targeted products can steal your clients and far more efficient services can corner you altogether. However, a business analyst can be your saviour. The BA can make sense of the forever ignored IT, teams’ diggings and draw valuable conclusions previously untapped by the intellectuals!

The Business analyst as a guide

Activity generates data. For a business, the data ranges from production, sales to profit and loss. All of these can come to good use in case of developing and fine-tuning of the products and services, prediction of market trends and devising a new strategy. For making all of these possible a business analyst’s role is the most valuable. With help of business data, a business analyst can lift up crumbling business by adding up small changes into something big.

Unlike the other specializing groups a business analyst must possess a commanding view of the processes of a business. Without a holistic view regarding all aspects of a business, it is impossible to see new plans and programs let alone increase its efficiency. That is the reason every useful business analyst course available online focuses on not just data science but also hands-on experience of working for a business.

As a coordinator

Before starting as a professional, a business analyst must have some experience of working with a business. One of the best ways of learning about business is to work and learn at the same time. A business analyst additionally should have a working knowledge of statistics and machine languages. Adeptness in blending the elements of IT with processes that run the business is one of the expected qualities of a business analyst.

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Using the past data a business analyst can stop history from repeating or even can male history repeat, whatever is good for the business. Coordination between all the aspects and sectors of a business is essential for the efficient performance of a business. The business analyst, due to having access to all the data is the perfect centrepiece of the whole puzzle. The BA should have an idea regarding the performances of different sectors of business. Which grants the power of co-ordination for better efficiency. Knowing the demands and outcomes of different sectors allows for a swift adaptation and navigation through the changing market.

Connecting the dots

A business analyst is most needed where different teams of a business of process lack the bird’s eye view of the whole situation. Due to an analyst’s access and capabilities with business data connecting these isolated dots of efforts becomes a piece of cake. The knowledge can be shared among groups in order to achieve greater teamwork from the different divisions of the businesses. If utilized properly, a business can perform better than before and always remain a step ahead.

For example, By the use of previous data and user feedback, an analyst can suggest changes to the product development team. Can shift the paradigm for marketing the product for better reach and maybe find out new target consumers for better sales.


The role of an analyst is not in the spotlight in our country. The business mindset of the country is reluctant to use data for making businesses better. The big companies and businesses, however, are doing great. Public awareness is the awaited factor still preventing a revolution in the field.

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Author’s note

Now perhaps is the best time to act and hon the skills of data analysis and business. The pandemic continues to be a big threat to business worldwide and they are leaning towards data more and more fora smooth survival. An online business analyst course can kick start the process. And if proficiency is achieved placements and jobs are very much within reach.

The future of business analysis and data science in our country is taking a major leap towards greatness thanks to the situation at hand. It was bound to go crazy in terms of utilization anyways but the pandemic has boosted the process. The requirements are higher than ever but there is a clear crisis of skilled individuals. Among all the horrors and desperation imposed by the pandemic proliferation of business, analysis stands tall as an unwanted blessing.

The question is,” Are you ready to grab the opportunity”?