How to Add the Personal Touch to Your Home

We are all guilty of following the trends, whether that’s copying our favourite Instagram influencers or adopting the Pantone Colour of the Year, regardless of whether we like it. The trouble is this can lead to a bland home that doesn’t represent the people who live there. So, if you’ve had enough of karate-chopped cushions on your sofa and the shade very peri leaves you cold, why not try one of these crafts to give your home the personal touch. 


Upcycling furniture has become a popular pastime and with a wide choice of chalk paints and primers available you will find something to suit your taste. If it’s your first time, start small – you don’t want to run out of inspiration part way through and end up with a half-finished project. Don’t be tempted to upcycle your granny’s old dresser as a first timer either. Instead, consider sourcing a second-hand item from online selling sites. Local Facebook pages can be great for picking up furniture free or for just a few pounds, and you will be able to hone your skills without the fear of ruining a family heirloom. 

If painting isn’t your style, try collage. Collect images that mean something to you and then add them to a tabletop or seat. This fun way to bring your personality into your home results in an eye-catching piece that will get all your guests talking. Don’t forget to use a specialist craft glue or varnish to protect your images and create a wipeable surface.


Patchwork has long been a staple of shabby chic but there’s no reason you can’t bring it into your modern home. If your all-grey living room needs accent pieces to add warmth and variety, creating your own patchwork cushion covers is a perfect option. Choose select patterns for a cohesive look or go wild with a random selection of your favourites from a site such as – patchwork allows you to create a bespoke piece! Whether you sew by hand or use a machine, you will end up with unique cushion covers to bring your lounge to life.

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Crochet is a traditional craft and blankets and throws made of granny squares are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Crochet can be kitsch, but it can also be classy! Simple squares are easy to master (use YouTube videos to help if you are a newbie to crochet) and once you get in the swing, you’ll be surprised how quickly your piece grows. With more intricate designs available to the experienced crocheters, there is a project out there for everyone and whatever you create will be a focal point of any room. Be bold!

Whichever option you choose, remember to enjoy yourself in the process. You will be rewarded with a unique item that will be a talking point for years to come and the pride that comes with knowing you have made, quite literally, your home your own.

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