How to analyze your Instagram account and boost your results

On Instagram, there are many ways to analyze your Instagram account, and many different things to analyze. As a business, analyzing your Instagram account is especially important because it can give you a lot of insight into how you are performing on Instagram, what results in you are generating, and what you can do Huh.

In this article, I go through all the ways in which you can eventually analyze your Instagram accounts, you can generate better marketing results and perform better on the platform.

How to analyze your Instagram account

For any type of correction it is necessary to analyze your Instagram account. No matter what you are doing. By analyzing your Instagram account, you can learn more about your strategy — what works and what doesn’t, and what your followers like and dislike. There are a lot of things to evaluate and measure, so it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to start. But when you know what to look for, it is quite easy to find it ..

Third-party applications

This was the most common (and only) way to analyze your Instagram page before it came with its Insights analytics feature on Instagram, but it did later. Insight is a whole bunch of applications that you can use to get a better understanding of your page performance, and there are certainly ones that are extremely effective and that provide you with great insights and rich, detailed information. Some cost, some are free

Most apps provide an overview of things like new followers or most popular media. The most common information you will get from a third-party Instagram analytics app:

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When Instagram launched its own analytics tool, which was built inside the app, they reduced the need to use third-party tools to access important Instagram information about their page and their performance . When people can use the built-in feature inside the Instagram app, why would the use of third-party apps that cost money be completely free?

Analyze Your Instagram Account: Instagram Analytics

It is the most commonly used tool for analyzing your Instagram account. Maybe not the most in-depth and practical tool, even though it has become more useful and expansive-enriched every year and with every new update, it is the most popular analytics tool for Instagram. Of course, this is probably not strange given the fact that it is a built-in tool that can be easily used as it is integrated into the app.

There are several reasons that Instagram introduced the analytics feature in the app.

In addition, when people are using third-party tools, they have to abandon the Instagram app, and this means that Instagram is losing “money” because they clearly see more and more people using the app. Want to do

Initially, Instagram Analytics only gave you information about things like reach, followers, engagement, etc., but now, it has become quite a powerful tool to help you analyze your Instagram account in an incredibly effective way. Will do.

and many more…

How to analyze information from your Instagram account

Okay, so now you have ways to access important critical information about your page and its performance, but what should you do with that information?

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You obviously don’t want to just analyze your account and just leave it at that.

Now that you have extracted this important information, you want to use it to improve and ultimately generate better marketing results. Seems appropriate, doesn’t it?

Follower growth

This is something that you can find information about both inside third-party apps and within your own analytics for Instagram. If your goal is to develop your increase Instagram followers, then obviously this is a metric you want to keep an eye on.

Site traffic

While Instagram is not considered the number one platform for driving traffic, with the right approach and methods, it is very well possible to get enough traffic from Instagram. Inside your profile analytics and stories, you can see how much traffic you have generated.

total reach

Is a very relevant metric for marketers. Obviously, you want to know the total number of people you’ve reached, and with insight, you can see the bot to see how many people you reached with individual posts as well as your profile.

The engagement

Instagram is a social media platform, and it means that the way you achieve the best success is by connecting and interacting with your audience. The engagement rate is incredibly important on Instagram because you want your audience to be interested in and interested in your brand and what you share. For example, if your goal is to use Instagram as a relationship tool to build a better and stronger relationship with your audience, then you can use your Instagram account to analyze

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