How To Become A Salesforce Consultant?

Majority of the complications in the marketing department of a business enterprise arise out of efficient handling and managing of customer data. On a daily basis, a business house may have to deal with hundreds or even thousands of customers and manage data pertaining to them. They are also generating new leads and therefore new data on a daily basis. Handling this complicated bulk is next to impossible if you stick to traditional CRM methods.

This is why several business CRM software platforms have entered market to solve this all-pervasive issue of handling the complex customer database. Out of these platforms, Salesforce has emerged as a clear winner and has quickly gained maximum market share when it comes to handling CRM of reputed business enterprises. The software is designed to provide high automation and accuracy to the activities performed by the sales team of the client business organisation.

Though Salesforce is highly effective and provides several important services to their clients, your sales team may find using the platform a little complicated in certain circumstances. As Salesforce is built to handle severe complications, understanding some of its features and employing them in order to perform certain specific activities can prove to be difficult to your team. In such situations, the best alternative is to approach your Salesforce Consultant.

Who Is A Salesforce Consultant?

As the name suggests, A Salesforce Consultant is an individual or an entity that specialises in the software platform, knows it inside out and offers productive solutions regarding any issue arising that falls in the purview of the software. They are the ones to approach if you or your team are facing any complications and need a solution as rapidly as possible. However, it is important to note that just like a Salesforce Developer; a Salesforce Consultant is an independent entity and does not work for Salesforce.

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What Are Employers Looking For In A Salesforce Consultant?

Owing to the increasing advancement in technology and new features being introduced by various software platforms every now and then, the demand for a Salesforce Consultant is considerably high these days. Here are some of the most critical qualities that employers look for in an able Salesforce Consultant:

  • Considerable experience in the field of Salesforce Development
  • Efficient understanding of Customisation and Integration
  • Working Knowledge of all Salesforce features and Cloud
  • Considerable experience in working with a technical architect
  • Capability to enhance the platform of Salesforce and leveraging its services
  • Extraordinary problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Impressive communication skills
  • Ability to review codes generated by relevant programmers
  • Ability to implement project cycles on the platform of Salesforce
  • Ability to carry out enhanced impact analysis

How Can You Become A Salesforce Consultant?

As the demand for a Salesforce Consultant higher these days and the scope for the same is high, many aspirants are wanting to either switch their jobs or enter fresh into the CRM field in order to land the job as a Salesforce Consultsnt. As this field is relatively new and is constantly changing, many individuals have little to no idea pertaining to the steps they need to take in order to become a Salesforce Consultant.

If you are one such aspirant, here are some of the major situations an aspiring consultant may fall under and effective paths to follow in each of these situations in order to know how to become a Salesforce Consultant:

If You Are A Professional Developer

If you are already a professional developer, you are the best possible stage to shift your job to becoming a Salesforce Consultant. This is because you already have enough experience in the field of programming and are well-versed with several tricks of the trade. However, before you apply to the firm of your choice as a Salesforce Consultant, it is advisable to get all possible knowledge regarding the platform. You should also be well-versed with platforms such as S-controls, Force, Apex API, AJAX Toolkit etc. Though it is not mandatory, it is also advisable to get Salesforce Certification as it would be an additional asset and would help you brand yourself better.

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If You Are A Fresh Graduate

If you are a new graduate and have recently secured a degree of Bachelor/Master of Science in the field of Computer Science or Software Engineering, you can rightfully apply for the job of a Salesforce Consultant. However, you would lack the functional knowledge of the platform and it is therefore advisable to work as an intern in the IT department of a reputed organisation in order to understand how Salesforce and/or similar CRM software platforms function. Though you are assumed to have enough knowledge and experience in the field of programming and coding, you need to gain thorough knowledge about Salesforce and its features. It is important to note that becoming a Salesforce Consultant is not an easy task and you are expected to know the software like the back of your hand. You therefore need to prepare yourself extensively in order to make yourself capable of the job.

If You Are A Beginner

If you are a beginner with little to no knowledge about the field of computer programming, you are the worst possible stage to become a Salesforce Consultant. It is advisable to rethink your decision before moving ahead. However, if you are passionate enough, you can slowly get there as anyone with considerable experience in CRM can ultimately become a good Salesforce Consultant.

Never start big. Start by taking baby steps and reading everything that is out there about programming and data science in general and Salesforce in specific. Meet with as many professionals as you can and understand how the system works. However, the most important step you should take is that of getting a certification. If you are a beginner, you would need a Salesforce Certification to prove that you are well-versed with the software and are able to handle matters pertaining to the same.

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