How to best match your winter wardrobe with your colored contact lenses?

Winter is on its way in a few months time and it is always fun to prepare before the season arrives. After al,l you get to change your wardrobe with fresh clothing twice a year, quite fun isn’t it? Like most of the people around the globe, have certain items specifically for summer time and you are forced to literally pack it all away once the season takes a different course every year.

Just like changing your wardrobe there has to be some of the cosmetic products that you put away and similarly you can also change up your contact lenses to better match with your freshly new decorated wardrobe. Here are a few basic tips and guidelines that we try to follow and tell our readers when it comes to winter fashion and how you can match your solotica coloured contact lenses with your winter clothing and avoid the dressing confusion you have to put on each and every morning

Well, here goes

We’ll Teach You How To Match Your Winter Wardrobe And Your Coloured Contacts

1. Contrasting with Basic Black

Many people like to go for a very dark winter wardrobe after all it is so cold you would naturally be attracted dark coloured clothes,  and boy do we love the dark and moody appeal of a natural black company. You may want to wear different shades of colours with black in the cold winters  or you can go all in and wear head to toe black when you leave your home in the winter season, but in order to really steal the show your eyes need to do the talking. With a darker or black wardrobe, we recommend a vibrant green coloured Solotica eye contact lenses,. A vibrant green offers a really natural look and will surely attract the attention of people passing by..

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2. Balancing Your Colours

On the other hand you might want to wear more vibrant set of clothing to bring more attention to yourself and your outfit in a rather monotone winter background. Green and bright blue and red have been the colour for vibrant winter jackets, and also patterned pair of pants or trousers will certainly help to liven up a boring and dreary winter day. Putting such focus and attention on your outfit in winter is great, but you cannot afford to go out without giving any attention to your eyes, what about your coloured lenses? Well a unique neutral colour tends to work the best in this cold weather with such bright and vibrant colours. One of our favorites is the Gray tone coloured contact lenses which are really eye-catching with vibrant colours such as blue and red jackets. Light shades of honey brown and merging it with a warm gray tone to offer some  depth and glint without drawing too much attention away from your clothes, you have to keep the balance.

3. Going For It In Gray with Gray Coloured Contacts

If black is just a little too gloomy for you but you’re really fascinated with the indistinct look that winter wardrobes can bring, there’s a great possibility that you own a lot of gray items, lots of shades. This is an interesting colour, gray, and it  can vary quite a bit, bringing a number of various tones of warm and cool to the mix to give you a lot of options to consider in the winter. Now, since your are choosing to wear all gray in winter and your ideas is to make a statement without being too modest, a crazy coloured contact lens that’s fun but not too crazy is the perfect option for you this winter. If you are looking for a perfect blend with the gray you are wearing then darker and lighter shades of green will simply look amazing

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In the end you have to keep in mind that you have to choose what works best with your personality and what makes you most comfortable, and if you want you can take help from the above mentioned tips, it is all up to you may be you have something already planned out for you this winter. But if you have decided your costume and outfit for this winter then you can always come here for the best solotica coloured contact lenses. Make sure to have not just a fun but a colourful winter season this year.

Some safety tips

Even though coloured contact lenses are completely safe to wear, they must be handled with care and precaution. Always disinfect the lenses with a soltuon before you wear them. Also, if you ever feel irritation in your eyes or any discomfort, immediately remove them and immerse them in the solution, check for any damages and if there are any damages then dispose them.

Always have your eyes examined before you buy contacts and always buy from a reputable brand or store.

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