How to Build a Business Selling Online Courses?

Tons of online learning platforms are emerging right now. Most of these platforms offer competitive packages to online educators. Course creators can legitimately turn online course selling a full-time profession. 

With the worlds’ population steadily increasing & more people spending time online, there has been a soaring rise in Online Course consumption. According to a published report, the Global e-Learning Market is expected to be raking in over 275 Billion dollars by 2022.

Whether you are an experienced teacher or just gearing up to be one, now is the time to launch your online courses business. 

The major reason being that E-learning Platforms are gaining leverage. People are actually turning up to virtual means to acquire new skills or prep for an exam. You could earn a lot.

Another most important reason is that it’s a hot potato. There are not many content creators. If you jump into this bandwagon now, you will get into a fairly recent industry. You would likely to become more successful now than a few years down the line.

Choose A Marketable Topic

Choose a topic which is a combination of relevance in today’s time, something you are good at, marketable, and lastly, something you are passionate about.

If any of the above four things would be missing, it would be really difficult for you, in the long run, to stay committed to your e-selling journey. 

Research On How To Create Your Online Course

You can create & sell Online Courses through different mediums. There are various platforms & tools available which makes it extremely easy for you to create, launch & market your online courses. One such platform is Spayee (Create and sell online courses Launch your own Teaching Website). It has multimedia content support, including Live Classes. Being said that, no matter what kind of courses you want to sell, this is an ideal place to launch your web & app based while labelled course platform.

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Do Extensive Research On Your Topic

Irrespective of your experience with a particular subject, you need to do extensive research on your topic before you start posting them online. You need to learn how to stack valuable content in a logical manner. If done correctly, you would attract the same learners next time when you publish your courses. 

Once you are done creating your courses, check it all over again for errors. Make sure that you put your best foot forward.

Market Your Online Course

Content is indeed the king. But, even for learners to discover your amazing course content, you would need to put it forward in front of them. They won’t accidentally venture off and find your online course. It is crucial for you to take planned steps and advertise your course in front of your prospective learners. You can begin with E-mail marketing & social media marketing. If you are operating through Spayee, you will have marketing tools like affiliate marketing & referral marketing inbuilt on your course platform. 


Selling courses online these days has become more profitable than you could have ever imagined. This is one way to get paid doing what you love!