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How To Buy A File In DHA Multan

DHA Multan is one of the most luxurious housing schemes in the country. It is organized by the retired generals of the Pakistan Army. Due to this reason, the security system of the colony is at the top of all the systems implemented by the colonies.

Every person wants o buy a house or plot in the colony to secure his future. Also, to enjoy a luxury life they want to build a house in the colony. The facilities given by the organizers enforce the people to buy a file in DHA Multan.

Many people feel hurdles while purchasing the file due to some certain reasons. In the following lines, we will guide you that how can you buy a file in a simple manner. For comfortable dealing, you would have to follow the following steps in a fine manner.

Selection Of Facilitator

A facilitator or agent can make your dealing reasonable in a very short time. A buyer should have to hire an agent very carefully. First of all, you would have to look for a professional Real Estate agent. Because an unprofessional agent can ruin your dealings.

For this reason, you will have to hire a registered DHA Multan agent because all these agents are well aware of the dealings of the company. These agents are the only persons who can make the dealings reasonable and affordable for both the clients. So, it is necessary to hire a real estate agent very carefully.

Affidavit And Token

After the settlement of the dealing, the seller requests the DHA Multan with Affidavit file. This procedure will continue only when the deal was done between both the clients. After the settlement of a price, the buyer wi have to 25% of the deal to the real estate agent or seller for the confirmation as a token.

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Along with token, transfer fee and some pictures( at least two) with a blue background are necessary from the buyer. In the same way, the seller will have to pay a transfer fee to the DHA Multan organizers along with Affidavit.

Intimation Letter

After the submission of all the above-mentioned documents, the DHA will issue a voucher to confirm the dealing. After that, the intimation letter will be issued by the name of the buyer. The whole procedure may take 5 to 10 days for completion.

The intimation letter may be issued after some time in some cases. But the issuance of voucher confirmed that your transaction has done in the right way. So, don’t worry if you have not got the intimation letter yet after the receiving of the voucher.

Payment Method

The buyer and seller decide the payment method in the presence of agents or organizers n the office of DHA Multan. They decide whether the seller wants the payment with the issuance of the Allocation letter or they settle the installment method.

In most cases, it is decided that the buyer will have to pay the final payment with the letter to avoid any problem in the future. Perhaps, if both the parties agreed with the installment procedure than it can be promoted between them.

Allocation letter

After all these settlements, the DHA Multan will issue an Allocation letter with the name of the buyer. It confirms that after the mentioned date, he is the owner and caretaker of the property. This is the final step to purchase a file in DHA Multan.

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By following all these steps, you can make your dealings as simple as possible. Ali and Co are the best of all those agencies that are recommended by DHA Multan. Our agency has all the agents who are well-aware of their profession.

They know about all the features of DHA Multan and their dealing methods which make us the top-ranked agency in this regard. Also, we provide all the basic facilities to our clients. We guide him that which land would be affordable for him according to his project.

Furthermore, our agency provides the stay to our out of town clients. We provide them well-furnished room for the rest throughout the dealing process.

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