How to Choose The Best Vacuum and Steam Mop Combo

Nowadays, vacuum cleaners are manufactured in a variety of shapes and features. Here are some factors to consider when buying a vacuum and steam mop.

1 Product Price

The price of a vacuum and steam mop varies, prices mostly depend on the type of machine and the features used. Choose a vacuum cleaner that is affordable for your budget and has the features you need for your home.

2 How Much Suction Power?

Before choosing to buy a vacuum and steam mop combo, you must pay attention to the capacity of the machine is how much. Speech shows the power and efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. This is the most important criterion of a vacuum cleaner, with a higher capacity, the greater the ability to absorb dirt. Conversely, the machine has a tower capacity, poor dust absorption and take more time.

3 With or Without a Bag

Outside the market today there are many types of vacuum cleaners with many different features, but choosing a vacuum cleaner you should also care whether or not it has a bag.

Vacuum cleaner with bag: This is a traditional vacuum cleaner, so the price will be cheaper than a machine without a bag. But when a bag is used, it cannot be reused, you have to change the bag often, so it will be expensive to replace the bag.

Vacuum cleaner without bags: This machine is a box-type vacuum cleaner, which will contain dirt with a box designed on the body and can be removed. The area of ​​the container is wider than the dust bag, so the machine will absorb more dust with each use.

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4 Choose Devices with Dust Indicator

When the dust bag or container is full, this light signals to remind users to promptly empty the dust in the box or replace the bag.

In addition, it also has the function to notify the internal parts of the machine that are dusty and need to be cleaned. With vacuum and steam mop cambo has this function, the operation will be more durable.

5 Types of Dust Filters

Standard filters are available in traditional vacuum cleaners, which only filter and vacuum, it has no antibacterial or deodorizing capabilities.

HEPA Filter: As one of the filters with the highest filtration level, very high efficiency, can remove up to 99.7% of 0.05 micron dust particles.

In particular, it also has antibacterial features, using dust filters in highly polluted areas, suitable for people with allergies, asthma, respiratory diseases. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner using Hepa filter is also usually the one with the dust bag, after each use the bag will be thrown away.

Micro Filter: Able to remove up to 99.5% of particles of size 1 – 1.5 microns. The filter is suitable when there is no need for high vacuuming. It is usually fitted in simple, easy-to-disassemble handheld vacuum cleaners for replacement or cleaning.

Nano Filter: Nano Filter or Nano Titanium is a highly effective antibacterial deodorizing filter thanks to Tio2 catalyst, with a very small diameter of only 5 nanometers, so the Nano Titanium molecule can capture particles dust, very small agent present in the air.

Combination filter: Combination filter between HEPA and Nano. This is the most advanced filter today thanks to a combination of both modern technologies. So it has the advantages of both types of filter

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6 Loudness and weight

You should choose vacuum and steam mop combo has this function, the operation will be more durable

with a moderate weight of 3-5 kg ​​to avoid inconvenience and difficulty in moving.

Noise is also a factor you should pay attention to because the machine has a loud noise level to affect health especially families with children or the elderly. And noisy machines usually have a low level of durability. By standard, the noise level of a vacuum cleaner does not exceed 77dB. However, you should choose the machine with low noise as possible.

7 Other features

Not only does the vacuum cleaner function, some vacuum and steam mop combos now have some other functions such as the blowing function, it will help you blow away the dirt front. This function is useful for cleaning up large garbage like dry leaves.

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