How to create a well-grounded argumentative paper: tips from academic rewriter

A creative task in the form of an essay is commonly found in schools and colleges. This is one of the forms of examination for admission to universities. Essays must be written to senior high school students during the final academic assessment according to the language of instruction.

In the article you will find useful information regarding preparation for the creation of this genre.

What is an essay written by a rewriter

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What is an essay? A laconic statement of one’s own judgments and views concerning a socially important topic is defined as an “essay”.

This is a prose work, which is primarily a fiction and journalistic genre. Writing essays in schools and colleges has a specific goal, which is to teach schoolchildren and students to articulate their thoughts with reason, support judgments with examples, analyze, compare and give their assessment of events and phenomena.

The free form of expression of thoughts in an essay still needs to be supplemented with specific life situations, examples from literature, history, and the media. A distinctive feature of this genre is the individual considerations, impressions, and evaluations of the author. More attention is paid to impressions and reasoning, rather than facts.

The essay has other features that distinguish it from creative works:

  • laconicism;
  • subjectivity;
  • free associative composition;
  • emotionality;
  • simple, understandable form of presentation;
  • the relevance of the problem under discussion;
  • imagery;
  • thesis.
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The use of this genre in the educational process will allow to motivate students to:

  • the ability to argue their judgments and bring their point of view with the help of actual examples;
  • associative and critical thinking skills;
  • the ability to logically and consistently present their reasoning.

An essay as a type of assessment work on language and literature allows you to show the depth and consistency of thinking, creativity, richness of vocabulary, stylistic, spelling and punctuation literacy. Your thoughts must be presented in the form of theses, which must be argued.

There are several types of essays depending on the subject matter covered:

  • fiction;
  • literary critical;
  • historical;
  • journalistic;
  • philosophical;
  • analytical.

Although the composition of an essay provides for a free form, there are certain components, without which it turns into a set of sentences. Namely:

  • comprehension of a given topic;
  • highlighting within the proposed topic a key problem to be discussed;
  • formulation of the author’s ideas in the form of a thesis/theses;
  • the presence of arguments that are the basis for reflection;
  • author’s assessment of the topic and the highlighted problem.

Also, the work must contain the integral elements of the structure: the introduction, the body part and the conclusions. The main conditions for a high quality essay are originality, a non-standard approach to presenting thoughts, vivid examples and non-trivial arguments.

Tips on how to write an argumentative essay

Before you start writing, try several techniques for finding unique ideas: brainstorming, mind mapping, free writing without an internal censor, associative series, and thought flow. If necessary, do more detailed research on the topic. Use a variety of sources to find interesting examples and facts. Make a rough outline of your essay.

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Features of the composition and content of an argumentative essay:

  • it is better to start the introduction with a quote, a question, a shocking or impressive fact, statistics, metaphor, comparison, a hard fact, a story from your own life;
  • further in the introductory part it is worth placing your thesis on the problem, preferably with three arguments;
  • each of the three arguments should be placed in a separate paragraph;
  • justify the thesis using vivid and interesting examples;
  • use linking words to make the transition between different ideas and paragraphs;
  • alternate long sentences with short ones;
  • in the paragraph on the conclusion, once again confirm the thesis and offer your solution to the problem;
  • the conclusion and introduction should focus on the problem.

When thinking about how to write an essay correctly, it is worth considering the most common mistakes in order to avoid them. Here is a list of typical mistakes that can significantly lower the grade:

  • more than 300 words;
  • deviation from the topic and problem;
  • an indication of several problems;
  • fuzzy or identical arguments;
  • lack of logical consistency between the statement and the arguments;
  • inconsistency of parts of the work with each other;
  • lack of convincing examples;
  • common phrases and clichés;
  • uninteresting, boring presentation;
  • mixing several styles;
  • spelling, punctuation, lexical errors.

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