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How to Decorate your Office on this Independence Day?

Independence Day has always been a very important occasion for every Indian. There is seldom any place in India which lacks the enthusiasm for this national festival. Even corporates of the country also celebrate this festival with full fervour.

Companies celebrate the victory of the nation by decorating the workplace and throwing parties. Festivals like Independence Day give employees a chance to bring some freshness in the monotonous office life. By indulging in decorations and festivities, employees develop team spirit and feel energized.

If you also consider festivals as a chance to infuse new colors and energy into the office, then you must be searching for best Independence Day décor ideas. Well, we are here with some creative and fresh ways in which you can decorate your office on the upcoming Independence Day:

  1. Decorate the Ceilings with Gas Balloons: 

Colorful gas balloons are in trend now. They are used to decorate the ceilings. It is the simplest and coolest method of decorating the ceilings of your workspace because you won’t have to do any taping or placing. All you have to do is to buy gas-filled balloons in three colors, namely saffron, white, and green.

Ensure that these have matching color ribbons at the bottom. Now, you just have to leave each balloon in its set place, and it will stick to the ceiling due to gas. Remember that gas balloons have a very short life, so; they will stay there only for 4-5 hours. After that, they will start coming downwards. So, decorate accordingly.

  • Make Independence Day Rangoli at Entrance or an Open Space:
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Rangoli is an important part of Indian decorations, so; adding it will bring a national feeling into your office décor. It is considered auspicious and looks beautiful as well. So, you can organize a rangoli making activity in your office.

Instead of making many small rangolis, all the employees can together make one big rangoli at any open space or entrance of the office. You can find many tricolor rangoli designs on the internet.

  • Cover the Walls with Indian Flag Paper Fans:

To cover up the walls, you can make paper flags. Use a tricolor paper to give it a patriotic touch. Making these paper fans is very simple. You can make it out of colored rectangular papers by folding them.

So, all the employees should together make paper fans of various sizes by taking papers of different dimensions. Arrange all the paper fans on the wall and stick them with double-sided tape.

  • Make Tricolour Jars for Tables and Work Desks:

Putting some decorative items on the office furniture, reception table, conference room table, and work desks are also necessary. Now, for this, you can decorate empty jars. You can color the jars to make tricolor patterns and other designs.

These jars can be used to hold flowers, or pens and other stationery. Apart from it, you can also color glass jars for making table lamps. You just have to fill the empty glass jar with fairy lights to make it a lamp! The employees can add their creativity to make different designs.

  • Decorate the Soft Boards with National Paintings and Quotes:
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The soft boards of your office should also be designed according to the occasion. For this, you can organize a competition in which every employee will have to make one painting or write a quote or make one poster for the soft board.

Don’t burden your employees by giving such tasks for home. Instead, all of them should do that in the office itself. It will freshen up their mood, and they would love to show their creativity in some way or the other. Fix some prizes for the winners and put all these posters, quotes and paintings on the soft boards of office.

  • Make a Balloon Standee for Empty Space:

Balloon standees are great space fillers and also look amazing. You can create a balloon standee with tricolor balloons to depict how many years we have spent as an independent country.

You can hire professionals for making this standee as it is a quite complex decoration. This standee can be used at the door or any other empty space of the office.

  • Use Tricolour Fairy Lights:

Apart from normal decoration, there should be some special lighting as well. For this, you can purchase tricolor fairy lights and stick them on the walls with tape. These lights are durable so, you can use these on the next national festival as well.

You can also encircle special wish posters of “Happy Independence Day” with these beautiful lights. Everything would look more colorful by doing so!

  • Make Cut Outs for Work Desks:

You can also decorate the empty areas of the work desks with small patriotic cutouts. Making them is quite easy. You have to take tricolor pastel sheets and cut out flowers, flags, and other shapes out of it.

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These look more beautiful than the already made flags that are available in the market. Paste these cutouts on places like the desks, the small dividers of the work desks, etc.

  • Make Paper Chains for Doors:

Instead of buying readymade decorating materials, you can also make tricolor paper chains with pastel sheets. These chains can be used to fill up spaces like doors and walls. For this, cut down long parallel stripes from the pastel sheets.

After that, fold one saffron color stripe into a ring and paste the ends. Now, put a white color stripe into it and make a ring of it to entangle both of them. Next will be a green stripe. Keep repeating this process until it becomes a tricolor paper chain.

So, you can have lots of fun and decorate your office side by side through these amazing techniques. Remember that; don’t overdo anything as it will cause chaos. Mix all the elements to bring out the desired look!

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