14th Lane Restaurant Bucharest

How To Find Best Restaurant in Bucharest

If you want an evening of live music TOP restaurant in Bucharest Romania, 14th Lane is the ideal place to spend it. 14th Lane restaurant will turn your evening into a special experience with live music!

Live music is increasingly common, especially in the Old Center of the Bucharest Romania. No matter what kind of music you prefer, you will definitely discover good music events in the historical centre. The diversity of the venues will give you the chance to experience a variety of cultures, both from a culinary point of view, as well as musically, environmentally, etc. 14thLane win Romanian Building Awards – Board Honorable mention for Interior Design – 14th LANE International – BigSee Interior Design Award 2019 Grand Prix by Yellow Office Architecture arch. Vladimir Mîndru, arch. Ana Irina Lupu.

Live music events in Bucharest are also found on 14th Lane, although it does not follow a certain genre or musical trend, on the contrary, it differs depending on the event of the day. More or less well-known artists capture the audience and complement the pleasant atmosphere of the 14ThLane live music restaurant in Bucharest Romania, one from the best restaurants in Europe.

14th Lane Restaurant Bucharest Promotes Romanian Artists

This restaurant with live music in Bucharest is among the only ones in the Old Center of the capital that promotes unknown artists, regardless of the type of music promoted. The generous dimensions of the venue allow the realization of good live music events in Bucharest and thus increase the popularity of each artist. Moreover, the finishes chosen for the interior design of this venue with good live music concerts in Bucharest, on the location is something special, amplifies the sound and helps to distribute it correctly to the spectators. In this way, the music will not be distorted by tiles or other poorly chosen materials, but on the contrary, it will remain the same for everyone to enjoy the concert.

14th Lane Restaurant Bucharest Promotes Romanian Artists

Next Live Events on 14thLane Bucharest Restaurant

14th Lane Present the Best Live Music Events in Bucharest

14th Lane is the ideal choice for any artist who wants to sing live in the Old Bucharest Center. The size and interior design of the 14th Lane restaurant allow the organization of live music events in Bucharest. Compared to other venues in the historical centre of the Romanian capital, 14th Lane presents a generous space of manifestation, something appreciated by all house interprets and also great international artists, ex: The Motans who have had the opportunity to use live event room from 14thLane for live Bucharest music concert on February 08. 2020, after this Bella Santiago and JUKEBOX, are also expected on Feb 14, 2020. Read about next events on the event page of the 14thLane site, there are always famous live events that will happen in the near future.

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The diverse menu, with Romanian, Mexican and Asian cuisine, as well as the special atmosphere, make 14th Lane a storied restaurant on your Romania trip.

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