How to fix Hotmail not receiving emails from Gmail or any other email accounts?

Is your Hotmail account not receiving emails from other accounts?

You may be a frequent user of the Hotmail account and all your important mails may be coming into your this account. But on a sudden day, you may have realized that your Hotmail account may not be receiving emails or any other sensitive data. Users need not worry at all as this tutorial will offer effective guidance to the users in order to fix Hotmail not receiving emails issue on an instant basis. So simply move down to the next section of the tutorial and read the same in a calm and composed manner and get the desired solution to fix this kind of issue on an instant basis without any sort of hesitation.

Different ways to fix such kind of issue on an instant basis

Check the setup of the email account

The first thing which users need to check is the IMPS settings of the email account. It could be that users’ setup has not been done in an effective manner as a result of which users may be facing this kind of issue. So users can simply do is check the settings of the email account and if some sort of discrepancy found then they should immediately troubleshoot the same on an instant basis.

Check the internet connection

The next thing which users need to do is check the internet connection. So users can simply do is check the internet connection with sound speed and once connected then they can do a trial by sending and receiving emails which should then work for the users.

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Switch to some other browser

It could be that there could be some compatibility issue as a result of which users email account may not be working in an effective manner. Users can simply do is switch to some other browser and then try accessing their email account.

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