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How to fix removable disk asking to format?

Sometimes,When you insert the external hard drive into the computer system, it shows the message to format your external drive. Due to which, user cannot access the data. The problem is that you haven’t any backup file of this particular drive and formatting will result data loss. But, don’t worry! I faced the same problem a six month ago and got the solution for this.

Therefore, today I am going to explain my experience that will certainly helps you to resolve this issue.

Let us know the possible reason of removable disk asking to disk format

The software might be asking to format. It can be used by inaccessible data cable, a large amount of data, the external hard drive gets virus attack, improperly plug in, Sudden power outage, etc.

For understand briefly, I am going to explain the reason one by one.

Inaccessible data cable:

When we are going to transfer data, system show pup up message to disk format. Before a use, In this case, can be a problem in the data cable. So that I recommended to change data cable of the disk and again try to access with another data cable.

A large amount of data:

If you going to transfer a large amount of data can have a disk format problem. For example:- I have 3 TB data and try to transfer. System pop up message to format drive. Because a large amount of data need a large capacity of data cable.

The external drive gets virus attack:

We use external hard drive into the various system. So the virus could be transferred in the drive. So that when we use the external drive to access in the system. It shows the message” format drive”. Can have virus-infected data with drive.

The technique to fix removable disk asking to be formatted

In the following segment, I am going to provide you with the most reliable solution. They are:

1. Through anti-virus.

2. Data cable.

3. Change system.

4. Using the most reliable software.

Follow the steps to solve removable disk asking to format.

We are going to use antivirus. Because drive can be virus infected. So system show message “format disk” drive before use.

So that first we need the software. Various type of anti-virus available on the internet. You can purchase anti-virus and also download free anti-virus. For use, You just need to launch the anti-virus.

Data cable:

If your drive is not showing, The try to attach properly data cable with an external drive. After that still same issue. Change your data cable, the data cable can be damage or low quality and unsupported. Because when we try to transfer a large amount of data like gigabyte, terabyte. It needs high capacities of cable. So I recommended checking properly.

data cable

Change computer system:

If your computer showing format drive after attach external hard drive. I recommended using another computer system for the check. Can have a problem with your system.

attach with various system

Use SysTools data recovery software

SysTools software is data recovery software. If you want to solve the problem without tension. I recommended using the software. Because it is easy to use and most reliable software. Now I am going to explain to you a 100% genuine method. I can say that confidently because i already faced the same problem and I had solved through the software.

If you want to solve the problem, you can download the software. After download software, Follow the given steps properly. Don’t miss any steps. Otherwise, you can’t solve.

Follow the steps to the fixed format drive issue:-

In this method, Insert an external drive with your system. Then drive shows message to disk format click on the format drive. Don’t worry about data loss. Because Systools data recovery is a complete solution to get back data. it is a professional data recovery software.

Therefore, I am going to teach you. How you can recover your peaceful data.

Follow the steps to recover data from the drive.

Note:- After format disk, First, you have to recover the drive.

Step 1: Go to Start » All Programs—SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery.

Step 2: Here are two types of option available scan and formatted scan.

Step 3: We have to use formatted scan option. Because we are going to recover formatted data. So that hit on the formatted scan.

After Formatted Scan the Result is as follows:


Step 4: Search Option is also provided to search for the desired file. You can search file name wise from the search box.

Now, select the From and To date from the date filter option.

Step 5: After search complete. The search result will be shown.

1.Now, Select files or folder you want to recover and Click OK

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Save to start saving selected files.

2. After that select the folder, Where you want to store. Then click OK.

3. After complete you will get message ” Export completed successful”. Then click on OK.


In the article, we have discussed the various type of methods to solve disk format problems like Through anti-virus, Data cable, Change system and SysTools Data Recovery.

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