How to Improve Speed in Exams

In most of the cases students knows 70-80% of the concepts but due to slow speed they can’t able to complete their exams in 3 hours.

So, for improving your speed in exam you have to keep followings facts in your mind:

  • First of all read the question paper properly in 15 minutes and make proper sequencing of all the questions in your mind. Try to first attempt, practical questions.
  • Then after receiving answer sheet just starts writing continuously and with full speed, you have to maintain speed from the very first answer, only then you will be able to complete your exam within 3 hours.
  • The most important thing is practice of writing. For improving speed you have to do practice of writing for 2 -3 hours daily one month before the exams.
  • You should go with an attitude of sports man. Who continuously runs until he reached the end point only. Your next 6 month, stress and career depend on those 3 hours. You should be unstoppable for 3 hours.
  • When you solve the numerical for first time it consumes a lot of time but when you solve same numerical again and again then it consumes very less time because of your practice. So it is necessary to solve the mock test papers for improving your speed.
  • For these 3 hours, don’t focus on any other student. Just keep attempting your exam only. You cannot change the questions of the exam paper if it is difficult and your result is not depending on any other.
  • Don’t waste your time on decorating the sheets otherwise you won’t be able to complete your exam.
  • Always use the same pen for writing your final exam which has been used for writing practice, the reason is that your fingers become familiar with that pen and you write comfortably with this pen.
  • Don’t forget to take watch with you in the examination hall.
  • The important thing is that students always talk about formatting that is what should they use (pen or pencil) for drawing the proper format for solving the numerical, so no matter what they use. If by using only pen your speed is going to be fast then draw the format by pen.
  • Don’t try to recollect before the exam. Just keep reading. Cos if you try to recollect and you don’t remember you will end up panicking. In the exam when you look at the question paper, automatically things will fall into places, your brain will organize facts well and boost up your memory.
  • Follow the countdown method for 15 questions, you will find the improvement in your speed.
  • Always try to write answer to question 1 and 7 in the beginning, as they are short 4 – 5 mark question, which you can complete within the 45 minutes to an hour and grab some easy 20 – 25 marks.
  • Next try to attempt the questions which are of 8 or 10 marks depending upon how well you know that question. Make sure you don’t take more then 10 – 15 minutes on every part, so that you have ample time in the end for the 16 marks question.
  • Into the final hour we need to complete 2 questions, they could either be 16 marks each or any other combination. Try to complete that questions in ascending order here too and make sure you don’t end up spending more then 25 minutes on each question.
  • Write clearly, precisely and patiently without jumping to next question while attempting the current one.
  • 100 marks ICAI exam paper and you have three hours in hand means 180 minutes so by that means I can say one point eight minutes per mark. So, let’s say we have a question often 10 marks so by that calculation you have 18 minutes in hand.
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Do not take eighteen minutes rather take sixteen minutes what you need to do is you need to try to complete a question within these 16 minutes and treat these two minutes as buffer time as grace time. If you are unable to do your question in these 16 minutes, we shall utilize this time which we have capped aside 2-minute time buffer time or grace time and you shall utilize this time.

But, do not go beyond 18 minutes. Leave that question then and there itself, right P.T.O. at the bottom of the page and leave two or three pages so that in the case at the end of paper you have some spare time you can definitely invest that time on this question.

Remember that your handwriting will be as fast as your brain is confident about the answer to the question

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