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How to Lock Your Kid’s Phone with Bit Guardian Parental Control Remotely

Do you have a child spending more time on their smartphones? Are you also one of the parents who keep wondering, “how can I apply a lock on my kid’s phone?

If yes, continue reading the article to know how to lock your kid’s phone with the Bit Guardian Parental Control app.

When used correctly, social media can be extremely powerful, allowing kids to earn money and make a name for themselves.

Kids have information, knowledge, learning, connectivity, communication, access to the global workforce, entertainment on their fingertips.

But the majority of kids use the Internet for unproductive browsing and scrolling through updates without giving it a second thought.

For them, it is challenging to comprehend the risks associated with overexposure to social media.

Being naïve, they share their confidential information with online strangers, post the day to day updates.

They also remain engrossed in online games, compare themselves with others’ superficial lavish lives, and in turn, invite various physical and psychological impacts in their lives.  

If you are a parent, concerned about your kid’s safety in the volatile digital word, wondering, ‘how can I put a lock on my kid’s phone’? Then you are in the right place. Bit Guardian Parental Control app is the answer to all your questions related to your child’s security.

What is the Bit Guardian Parental Control app?

Bit Guardian is a parental control app for Android, providing a seven-day trial period before opting for purchasing the premium plan.

It is technologically advanced yet pretty easy to install and use, and you need only one app for a parent and the child.

How to Install the Bit Guardian Parental Control App?

How to install Bit Guardian Parental Control app on parent’s device
  • Download the app, install it on a parent device, and select the ‘parent mode.’
  • Insert the valid credentials, create an account on the parent device.
  • Enter the password for the Data Protection Plan and send a copy of it to your mail-Id as it is not stored on Bit Guardian’s servers.
  •  Add your kids with their name, gender, phone number, and date of birth.
  • Install the app in your child’s device, and either uses the parent credentials or scan the QR code from the parent device for login.  
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Bit Guardian – one of the best child monitoring apps, arms you with the following features to lock your child’s phone remotely.

6 Features of Bit Guardian to lock your Child’s Phone Remotely

  • App Block

The smartphone inherently attracts children, and after reaching a certain age, they are fascinated by the content their parents would never approve of.

App Block feature enables a parent to administer all the apps installed in a kid’s device. That way, you can have an idea about your child’s interests and activities.

If you find any unsuitable app such as gaming, dating, gambling, or adult apps, you can block them.

Kids can request a parent from their dashboard to unblock the app. You can utilize this time to start a conversation and explain to them why you have blocked that specific app. Also, give your child the chance to justify their request.

  • App install Block

When the App installs Block, the feature is enabled on kids’ phones, the ‘Play Store’ is blocked, and the child cannot download any new application from it. Manual app updates will also not be allowed for existing apps.

So, your child’s phone is locked for any new app.

  • Kiosk Mode

Enable Kiosk Mode to customize your kid’s home screen. The list of all the apps will be displayed, you have to select the ones you believe to be useful and appropriate, and only those apps will be displayed on the child’s home screen.

So, a kiosk is a significant feature to lock your kid’s phone remotely. 

  • Calls
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Chances of a child being tormented by anonymous callers are quite high.

The call is a feature that gives you the authority to block unknown, unidentified, spam, or specific numbers from your child’s contact list.

And you can block either incoming or outgoing calls or both, depending upon the requirement.

  • Time Schedule

Time Schedule is a favorite feature among parents as it permits them to apply a screen time limit for the apps.  With curfew hours, you can eliminate the distractions.

If kids use their phones during the night, their sleep gets compromised, and so does the routine, affecting their health.

With Bed Time enabled, you will be asked to enter the start time and end time – when you want your child’s device to be locked.

So, it is nothing less than a blessing as you get your child’s device completely locked during sleeping hours.

Likewise, you can enter the specific timings for games, social apps, media apps, education apps to designate the hours when a child will be authorized to use related apps.

  • App Time Limit

With App Time Limit, a parent can select a single app or create as many groups of apps as you would like.

You have to specify the number of hours when the kid is given access to the apps.

After the limit is over for that particular app, it will be locked for your child, applying screen time control on their devices.
How to install Bit Guardian Parental Control app on kid’s device

Using child monitoring apps does not indicate that parents do not trust their children. Rather it expresses their concern about their kid’s safety from the online risks. 

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Same way, applying restrictions should not be viewed as a punishment; it is an opportunity to talk to your child about the rights and wrongs of the Internet.

It is also a way to keep them safe until they are of an age when they can tackle the threats on their own and survive.

Use the Bit Guardian parental control app to lock your child’s device remotely and let them enjoy the perks of the technology.

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