How to look after your mental health as an entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur, you will know that doing your job day in day out can be a draining experience. You are likely responsible for a number of people and their livelihoods as you strive to build a business from scratch. There are countless headaches that are involved with this, from angry bank managers asking for repayment on their loans to demanding customers who, rightfully, expect nothing but the best from your products or services.

It is easy, then, for your mental health to take a significant hit, especially if you aren’t particularly experienced as an entrepreneur.

Not only are your responsibilities intense, but you are unlikely to get as much rest as you need to (those long hours spent grinding as you grow a start-up quickly take a hit on your energy levels), and you may not have a bustling social life to fall back on as a result.

Indeed, many entrepreneurs struggle to build an effective support network (vital for good mental health) because few of their friends understand what it is they are going through or may even be jealous of their success.

Therefore, you need a solid plan in place to maintain your mental health without letting go of any of the responsibilities you have.

Here are some key tips to remember:

Schedule a massage to de-stress

A fantastic way to de-stress quickly after a difficult day is to book yourself in for a massage – such as those available at

It might sound rather indulgent to take time out of your day to lay down for an hour or so, switch off your phone, and put work-related worries out of your mind for a moment.

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However, it is imperative that you do this in order to keep sharp, recharge your mind, and remove stress from your body. After all, it is proven that stress resides not only in the mind but also as physical symptoms in the body.

A massage can help alleviate these symptoms and leave you feeling far calmer as a result.

Keep a journal

It is often said that a problem shared is a problem halved.

Well, as an entrepreneur, you may struggle to share your problems with anyone if you are always on the go, unless you have a mentor.

Therefore, it is a good idea to write down your ideas and worries in a journal. By getting your thoughts down on paper, you effectively remove them from the front of your mind, freeing your brain up to concentrate on other things.

Journaling also gives you the opportunity to see how sensible your thoughts really are. As soon as they are printed in black and white, ideas tend to contextualize themselves better. What seems rational in your head may not sound as important once it has been written down.

Delegate responsibility

Just because you are an entrepreneur does not mean that you must carry the burden of every possible responsibility on your shoulders. There are no prizes for being a martyr and taking on too many tasks can compromise the productivity of your organization.

Instead, you should delegate tasks to the relevant members of your team; they can do just as good a job (if not better) and will allow you to conserve your energy.

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