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How to Make a Winning GMAT Plan?

Have you decided to give your ‘Ivy League’ study dream a reality? Thousands of candidates take the exam, but only a few succeed at the end of the year. So do you have a winning plan that will give you entry into the dream college? Here is a checklist that will surely help you:

What Is GMAT Exam Pattern And Is All About?

Even before you select the GMAT exam preparation plan, first find out as much about the exam you can. What is the primary purpose of the test and why is the exam conducted? Find about the test structure, the computer adaptive testing and review guidelines. How are others preparing for the exam? It is needed not to copy their strategies. But you need to identify the available resources (GMAT prep with Kaplan discount) and the common test pitfalls.

What Goals Do You Have For Exam Success?

When you have personal goals, they will motivate you and will keep you focused during the preparation. Once you have determined that a particular score is your aim, you can take the practice test to find out whether the goal is realistic and what you should be doing to achieve the goal. You can also set the time-bound goals like taking the test by a specific date. Activity-based goals such as completing a certain number of practice problems within a particular time-frame can help you. Keep in mind that these goals are in place to keep you on the right track so that you get the desired success in the mock-tests.

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Do You Have a Perfect Environment to Practice Regularly?

As you will have to study for a few months to learn the new concepts and practice them regularly, you need to find out now what is required to succeed. Do you have the right kind of learning environment to guide when you are considering the various test preparation options? Do you prefer a supportive and motivating environment or you are ready for more challenges?

How Are You Planning to Prepare?

When you start preparing for the GMAT exam, there are three options that you have:

  • Studying on own
  • Taking a course online or coaching
  • Seeking the services of a tutor

Most candidates who prepare for the GMAT use more than one method. So, the candidate may be studying on own and may also go for online or offline coaching to get the needed support. You can find the combinations that are most suitable for you.

Do You Have the Best Study Resources?

Preparing for the GMAT exam takes time and money. Besides, you will also need the best study material to study and practice from. Kaplan is considered to be the leader in the industry you can get Kaplan discount on their study books too. Use them to prepare for the exam.


When you keep these things in mind, you are more likely to succeed in the GMAT exam with desired scores. Don’t delay. Get started with best study material now!

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