How To Make Your Home an Eco-friendly Living Space

There is ever-growing concern over the climate crisis, and it’s an issue that is not going away anytime soon. While governments all over the world speak of new green initiatives and deadlines to achieve their goals, it’s also important to think about what individuals can do to combat this problem. One way that you can do your bit for the environment is by looking at home improvements to help you create an eco-friendly living space. Not only will this mean that you’re doing your bit for the planet, but some of these changes can also boost value to your property. Below are some suggestions on the kind of updates you can make to achieve this.

Solar Panels

Having solar panels installed onto your roof is a great step to living a more sustainable lifestyle. You may have noticed that a lot of new build homes have these in place already, which indicates that they are a feature that future buyers will be interested in having. Not only can this help to add an eco-friendly touch to your home, but it can help to save you money in household bills by providing an alternative energy source from the main grid, too.

Bioethanol Fireplaces

Fireplaces are already desirable features in homes, and they are perfect for warming up a room and making you feel cozy when it’s cold outside. Classic wood burner stoves look excellent, but for a truly environmentally friendly way to keep yourself warm, consider getting a bioethanol fireplace instead. They don’t require flues which makes them ideal for a home that hasn’t originally had a fireplace built-in, so if you have always wanted one, this could be the perfect solution! Find out more from

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Flow-control Faucets

It’s much easier to wastewater than you might think, whether that’s accidentally leaving the taps on or taking long showers every day. While being more mindful of these things will help, flow-control faucets and toilets can help to reduce your water wastage at home. These can be easily installed, and many come in stylish designs to fit in with your aesthetics.

Smart Features

Smart tech in your home doesn’t just make daily life easier, but it can also help you to be eco-friendlier too. Smart kitchen appliances are designed to be energy efficient, and it’s worth investing in these items to keep your household bills down and reduce your carbon footprint. Smart showers can also help to reduce water wastage, as well as allow you to have the perfect temperature every time you wash. Smart thermostats are another feature you should have in your home if you don’t already, as these will let your monitor in real-time how much energy you are using. It can also allow you to control your heating from an app via your home, so if you accidentally leave it one when you leave the house, it’s easy to switch off from afar.

If you want to do your bit for the planet, consider these updates you can make to your home for an eco-friendlier property and lifestyle that will make a difference.

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