Let’s Know How to Merge Multiple PDF Files into One PDF File?

Are you looking for a solution on how to merge multiple PDF files into one PDF file? Then you are in the right place. In the below section we are going to discuss the best and the efficient way to merge bulk PDF files into a single PDF file.

Before going further let us have a glance at PDF files 

Sharing documents between different computers have become easier with the use of PDF files. Portable Document Format or PDF files are a widely used document format file. PDF files are read-only documents that preserve the orientation and layout of the page. PDF files are safe and secure to share globally.

Benefits of Merging PDF file into one file:

  • Managing multiple PDF documents is quite a difficult task. By merging PDF files into one PDF file, the user can keep the complete data in one place. It becomes easier for the user to handle a single PDF file for any task.
  • While sending or receiving multiple PDF files to anyone, it creates a lot of trouble. It takes more time to upload and slows down the speed of the system. So by combining multiple PDF files into a single file, the user can easily transfer PDF files from one person to another.
  • Having the bulk of PDF files can cause data corruption issues. This may also lead to file misplacing. Combine multiple PDF files into one PDF file is the solution to manage this corruption issue.

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Let us consider some users query taken from some forum site:

Hello everyone, I was completely messed up with handling the number of PDF files together. My boss has assigned me a task to keep all the multiple files into a single PDF file for a presentation at the meeting. I don’t know how to merge multiple PDF files into one PDF file. Even I don’t have enough time to handle these bulk PDF files. Can anyone tell me the proper way to combine multiple PDF files into one PDF file.

There is no need to worry, in the below section the easiest and the safest way is discussed to Join multiple PDF files into one.

An Expert’s Solution to Combine Multiple files into one PDF file

Here we are introducing an expert solution SysTools PDF Split & Merge tool to combine multiple PDF files into one PDF file. This utility is very helpful to solve problems related to combine PDF files or to split PDF files. By using this application the user can Split Large-sized PDF files into multiple files by the page, by the range, or by the even or odd pages. The merging PDF files can be done in a few clicks. 

download software

This tool provides two option to merge PDF files-

Add Files: By using this Add File option, the user can select the multiple PDF files and combine them into a single PDF file.

Add Folder: By using the Add folder option the user can select the PDF file folder from the desired location and select them to Add folder. So, this option can combine multiple PDF files into one PDF file.

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This utility also shows the PDF file details such as File Name, File Size, and File Path.

Follow the steps to combine multiple PDF files into one PDF file:-

1. Download and Run the Tool.

2. Select the Merge Option, Add File and Add folder option will appear.

3. As per the need, the user can opt for any option :

The user can select the Add File option.

Or the user can select the Add Folder option.

4. Click on the Open button to add the PDF File.

5. Click on the Process button to start the merging PDF files.

6. Select the location and click on the Save button to save the resultant PDF file. The Merging process is done successfully.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed the safest way how to merge multiple PDF files into one PDF file by the PDF Split & Merge Tool. This tool is very beneficial for the user to resolve all the problems related to join multiple PDF files into one. 

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