How to Move When You Have Less Than a Week?

Packing the entire household goods, search the best packers and movers and transporting the goods, all are the important things that every relocator needs to do to relocate his home. But, do you think doing all these things is possible within a week? Well, no! But unfortunately there are people who have no option but to move in less than a week. If you are also moving from Pune to any other city in India and your employer is handling your move with the help of a reliable moving company then it’s completely fine. You can stay relaxed and just watch the team doing everything for you. In fact, your employer will bear all the moving expenses as well. But what if you have to plan and prepare for you move by your own?

Here in this article we’ll be discussing about the steps to be taken to relocate home in less than a week. Just follow the following points: –

Plan your move

Planning is an essential step in order to have safe and smooth move. You don’t need a month or a week to plan your move, just a few hours is sufficient to do this. Planning your move gives you the idea of the things you will require during the move. Know what type of packaging materials you will require for packing your goods. Decide whether to move on your own or you will hire packers and movers agency. Make inventory list of the items you have and you will move along with you.  

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Hire packers and movers

It is good to hire professional packers and movers Gurgaon to Hyderabad to relocate home, because they are expert and can handle everything professionally. Even if you think you cannot afford full packers and movers service then also hire them for partial shifting service like only for packing, loading, unloading, or only for transporting the goods. And if not then you can book rental truck to transport your goods.


Purge your home as fast as you can, because you know you are running out of time and you cannot take so much loads along with you. So, discard the goods that are no use or, you want to replace with the new ones.

Pack your personal stuff

Your personal stuffs like precious jewelries, documents, files, laptops, etc. you need to pack them by yourself that should not be handover to the movers at any cost.

It is not only difficult but challenging as well to relocate home in less than a week. You will require professionals’ assistance in order to get prepare for the move. So, find and hire a reliable packers and movers Gurgaon to Pune and have safe and smooth move even when you have less than a week to relocate.