How to Pick out the Best Golf Club Shafts

One cannot make the blanket declaration that there are such things as the Best Golf Club Shafts. Rather, the best golf club shafts are unique to the player himself or herself. That requires a bit of an explanation. Shafts vary by construction in terms of material, flexion and flex point, and length, among other things. In order to pick out the best shaft for a player, a number of factors need to be taken into account. The first is the material preferences a player has in a golf shaft.

Steel golf shafts are more easily and more affordably produced than graphite shafts. They are heavier, but they are remarkably tough. The real benefit that some players find in them is that they are less prone to torsion than graphite shafts. In fact, some steel shafts almost do not twist at all. Steel shafts may be recommended for players with slow swing speeds and when accuracy takes precedence over distance.

Graphite is significantly lighter than steel, though it is more expensive to produce and can be more fragile. Higher swing speeds can be more easily attained with graphite shafts which can translate to a greater distance, but the fact that graphite flexes more easily than steel and can cause accuracy to suffer.

Shaft Flex
Shafts are rated according to their flexibility. The ratings are extra stiff (XS), stiff (S), firm (F), and regular (R), along with amateur (A), senior (S), and ladies (L). Keep in mind that these ratings may vary slightly by manufacturer.

A player who can achieve higher swing speeds might do better with an extra stiff shaft in order to effectively deliver that energy to the golf ball, whereas a player with slower stuff speeds might benefit from a more flexible shaft.

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Shaft Torque
Shafts are rated according to how much they will twist during a swing, rated in degrees. The higher the rating, the higher the number of degrees a shaft will flex during a swing. In other words, a stiffer shaft will have a lower rating and a shaft with a higher rating will twist more easily and be less stiff.

Shaft Length
Shaft length is another critical consideration to take into account when you are trying to determine the best golf club shafts. A shaft that fits a player well in terms of flexibility and torque rating that is not sized properly will end up being near useless in practice.

If you don’t know your measurements already you can have a professional take them. That will make a huge difference when you are trying to pick out some new golf shafts.

Speaking of which, if you happen to be in the area, stop by Dallas Golf Company’s store in Dallas, TX. There, you can take advantage of their expert fitting services for irons, woods, and drivers and putters. Their process is comprehensive and takes many factors into account, including but not limited to an observation of your swing patterns and measurement to make sure you can find the right shafts for you.

If you’re not in town and you know your measurements as well as your other preferences in shafts, you can always shop their collection of shafts online, where you can easily select based on shaft material, length, brand and much more. They even offer an online fitting tool to help you do the calculations yourself so you can find the right shafts.

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