How to Plan a Luxury Road Trip

A road trip is one of the most rewarding and fun ways to see the country up close and personal, and discover new sights, destinations, and places you’d never normally go. If you’re not one for extended periods of travel, the idea of a road trip might not be at the top of your to-do list, but don’t turn your back on the idea right away. If the thought of being cramped up in the family saloon doesn’t appeal to you, then here are some ways that you can take any road trip and add a bit of luxury to it. The open road awaits.

Book Luxury Hotels

A luxury road trip definitely means not camping or sleeping in roadside motels. Use the opportunity to book some luxurious stays in top hotels of at least four stars, and if you can splash out then don’t book the cheapest rooms on offer either. A lot of these hotels will also offer spa and fine dining experiences for you to enjoy while you’re staying there. Take full advantage of all of these offers to add some real luxury to your road trip.

Don’t Use the Family Car

Hang up the keys of the family car because we need more luxury out of the car you’ll be using. This is, after all, the place you’ll be spending a lot of your time on your road trip. Options for your car could be a fancy, decked out RV complete with TV screens, a full-sized shower and motorized expandable patio for your morning coffee, or it could be a luxury sedan with plush leather seats and a powerful engine to have you coasting down the interstates in style. Spend some time looking at some exotic car rentals to find your perfect chariot.

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Hire a Driver

If you want to be incredibly superfluous, then the first thing you should do for your road trip is remove anything that even slightly resembles work, and this starts with doing the actual driving. Hire a driver instead of doing the driving yourself and you can spend your time relaxing while someone else worries about driving and navigating.

Skip on the Fast Food

Fast food doesn’t exactly scream luxury, and for the purposes of a luxury road trip, it needs to get struck from the itinerary. Instead, eat at those restaurants in the hotels you’re staying in or search for the highest rated ones in the area or town you’re spending the night. Opulence and enjoying fine food and wine is the name of this game, so don’t skimp when it comes to mealtimes. Don’t forget you’ll want to jazz up your driving snacks too!

There’s nothing better than pulling off the road after a long drive to a small hidden gem of a town that you’d never experience with air travel and enjoying the local restaurants and sights. If you do your road trip in luxury using a few of the idea’s we’ve covered, the journey will definitely be the destination.

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