How to Prepare For Direct Tax

There Are 2 Types of Taxes –

  1. Direct tax
  2. Indirect tax

We are going to tell about direct tax-

Meaning of direct tax- A tax which is directly paid by individual to the government like income tax, property tax.

As we know that direct tax is a lengthy subject. Many students are unable to complete their syllabus within time because of lengthy chapters.

  • Direct tax is an interesting subject but it demands a lot of conceptual clarity and proper understanding of each topic
  • If you understand each and every topic deeply then you will easily solve the questions.
  • A lot of practice is required in direct tax.
  • After studying chapter start to solve the questions from practice manual ,if there are large number of questions then just select typical questions which covers almost every adjustment
  • You can also refer some other books for practice, but continue your revision till final exams.
  • The most important thing is to be keep in mind are amendments .There are many amendments are come in direct tax from time to time.
  • Cover all the five heads of income properly because these chapters are the important part of your syllabus.
  • After studying all the chapters you can solve mock test papers, revision test papers for more practice.
  • Need to properly focus on presentation. If you sure about sections then write it in the provision.
  • Make working notes properly as they are the important part of your solution.
  • There should be disclosure of each part of the question separately for good presentation.
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