How to Prepare For Information Systems Control and Audit

ISCA  is a theoretical subject and for many students it is a boring subject but if you start to understand it conceptually and from practical point of view then you will definitely take it as an interesting subject. Just need to concentrate on reading of chapters.

  • Always start from small chapters ,from small chapters you will get confidence and after that start lengthy chapters.
  • In isca always give your main focus on main headings of answer , your main headings should be match with institute material for scoring good marks
  • Explanation of points may vary but headings should be appropriate.
  • There is a need to revise main headings from time to time this will help you to memorize the headings.
  • After reading the whole chapter make your own handwritten notes for revision purpose which contains all important points and main headings.
  • Don’t skip practice manual
  • Properly make your schedule regarding chapters in preference order and properly follow this schedule for easily completing your syllabus.
  • Make proper time management for each chapter.
  • If you start to understand the subject conceptually then this is the subject in which you get exemption.
  • If there is a difficulty to memorize the main points then start writing practice .When you write you will remember it for long time.
  • The most important thing is presentation. Students always lose marks in isca exam because of lack of presentation skills .
  • They don’t know how to write the answer. Your answer should be neat and clean. Properly underline the headings and properly highlight keywords which imposes great impression on examiner.
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I hope these guidelines will help you

All the Best!!

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